Apr 1, 2016

Rituals of invoking fertility

 Cult of fertility always belonged to the common folk, farmers and herdsmen, and it can therefore be considered as an integral part of folk magic, whose ritual actions and beliefs intensified a fruitful year, in order to ensure enough food to feed the community. Identical rituals of the cult of fertility across Europe had within themselves a pronounced sexual note, i.e. rituals of fertility moulded in the coitus of a man and woman in nature, usually in a field, in order to bless the earth with such an act and spur it to constant fertility. In northern Europe, in lands with rich, i.e. nurtured, pagan tradition these rituals were performed during spring breaks. Since we are talking about an exceptional and powerful force, sexual energy has numerous benefits in paganism. It is used, among other things, as an offer to spiritual forces, for summoning deities, it is used to raise consciousness and knowledge, achieve inspiration, enable permeation into hidden and mystical phenomena, is used for strengthening props, blessing, healing, etc. It is illustrative to mention a segment of pagan rituals, in order to understand sexual energy a bit better. In ancient rituals the Grand priest would spray the witches with his sperm which are kneeling naked in a circle around him, with which he is actually blessing them. With that he is transferring energy of god Pan onto them, i.e. everything that he represents, with which they became more powerful, vital and immune to evil.

These are some of the examples of the magical rituals in the cult of fertility which were present in our lands for centuries. In them one can note an intimate relationship of man and nature as well as celebration of life through creation. As fertility was more pronounced the power of individuals rose higher, but also their ability to overcome all adversity and everyday issues. Pronounced fertility spurs great power against diseases and bad luck which is evidenced by some of our but also some Arabian beliefs. Namely, in Algeria and Morocco it is believed that a woman which gives birth to twins acquires baraka - power of healing certain diseases, while in our region it was claimed that a woman which gave birth to twins can chase away bad weather if she turns her naked behind towards the clouds.

In intimacy with nature

When corn is being sown the owner of the property touches the earth with his penis and utters: "May my corn be this triangular!". Then he raises his penis towards the sky and utters: "May the corn stalks be this straight, like my penis". It was believed that after such a ritual the corn will give rich yields, a few corn cobs on one stalk. If, however he wishes for the corn to germinate quickly into the ground, he would, after having sex with his wife, utter the following formula: "As the soon is exiting quickly, may the corn equally spring from the ground".

When grain is being sown, then some quicklime is added to the mixture, then the husband performs coitus with his wife, ejaculates into his hand and sprinkle the grain kernels uttering: "God help me! My grain, as this sperm is dripping from my hand, so may you grow nice and healthy from the earth. As the testicles are healthy, may my grain be healthy and beautiful."

In the spring the man would touch with his penis every fruit tree and repeat the same magical formula: "As birth (children) is in my house, so too may all trees bear fruit (or "give fruit)".

When cabbage is being sown the husband comes to the field and utters the following formula: "I sow cabbage and with my penis smooth creases. As many hairs that I have, so many cabbage heads may it be!". Then he urinates a bit on the crease. It was believed that the cabbage was wet after that.

For the quince, plum or apple give fruit three grown men gather with lush pubic hairs, they stand next to the tree, take out their penises and each of them utters the following formula: "Do you hear quince, how many hairs there are around the penis! As far as my penis can sprinkle and throw urine, so may you throw your flowers and fruit!"

When the grains are full of mildew, then the owner goes into the field on a young Friday, takes off his pants and turns his bottom towards the grains and farts, uttering: "grains, I'm not farting on you but on the mildew. As the wind exits me, may mildew exit the grains. As my bottom is clean, may my grain also be clean!"

When the man goes into the field to sow grains, he strips naked, and after three rows of grains it will be clean i.e. without cockle.

Naked and healthy man would go at night outside and run through the grains and utter: "As I'm running here healthy, may my wheat advance quickly and healthy! As there are two eyes in my head as two kernels, may everything be clear in my wheat."

When a woman plans on sowing onions in her garden then her husband mixes the seeds with one hand while holding his testicles with the other and returns them in a circle. After that the woman goes into the garden and plants it so that she plants every seed rhythmically lowering the seed between her legs into the hole in the ground, i.e. crossing her vagina with the seeds. According to folk belief the onion which "sees" the vagina will grow faster and better than the one that didn't see it.