Aug 26, 2013



1 kg flour

500 ml  yoghurt

2 eggs

12 g dried yeast

500 ml water, salt, oil


Stir salt and yeast into flour; add eggs and yoghurt.

Stir while gradually adding water.

The dough should be solid but wet and sticky to touch.

Spread some flour onto a chopping board and put dough on it.

Cover the dough in flour so that it does not stick to your fingers while you cut it into finger shaped pieces (size: 4x4x15cm roughly).

Fry the dough fingers in oil until golden brown and serve immediately with a selection of mild cheeses and dips.

Aug 20, 2013

Flowers that smell like sorrow

Bosnian lily (Lilium bosniacum) is a flower of Bosnia and Bosnian people. Extraordinarily beautiful flower, dignified, all in golden-yellow color it proudly keeps its loftiness and regal posture  while its red stamen symbolize blood of the Bosnian man, which was often shed because of the enemies of this country. The Bosnian lily became a symbol for the suffering of Bosnian people during the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995. In a tragic song it is mentioned that a lily each year on July 11th changes its fragrance and that day it smells like sorrow and pain. That day from the lily the blood drips on the sacred Bosnian land on which the dead bodies of murdered men, women and children of Srebrenica, Sarajevo, Žepa, Zvornik, Bijeljina, Foča, Višegrad, Prijedor, etc. lay.