Apr 1, 2016

Magical power of menstruation

 When a woman has a menstrual cycle, she utters this formula:

My husband,
your penis wants to enter my vagina.
But my red king forbids it,
your penis head is red but so is my king,
and lucky is your red head.
Here I'm giving you my red king for good luck!

Then the husband puts his penis into her bloody vagina and takes it out again, it was believed that then he would be followed by good fortune wherever he might go.

If the trees bare no fruit, then a woman which didn't have any other men, washes her vagina during her menstrual cycle, and waters the trees with the residual water and utters:

Here the flower has come,
to bloom for the whole world!
As I couldn't do without my flower,
so you may not be without your fruit!

Magical power was specifically ascribed to the act of defloration i.e. blood which would then appear from the vagina. When the man would finish with the copulation with a virgin on hard ground, he would utter this formula:

As this earth,
on which we made love is hard,
so shall my luck be hard,
may no one hurt me!

Then if he has to go to court, it is believed, the judge will not be able to condemn him, i.e. determine a sentence.