Jul 21, 2014

Bosnian prophets and prophecies

Since the times of Bosnian forefathers the Illyrians, who were regarded by the Roman empire as people adept in magic and divination, in Bosnia and Herzegovina there were special people with mystical abilities who have been, through the long and turbulent history, called by various names such as stuhe, zduhači, faladžije, gledaoci. Some of them were recorded with the help of certain ethnographers while most of them were remembered by oral traditions which were transferred into various legends.

Thanks to the fact that the communist system in Yugoslavia wasn't as rigorous as in the SSSR the people were allowed to practice their religion, go to mosques and churches, but with a "punishment" that such individuals could not be members of the party or government. There is some information that even Tito visited some Imam's in Bosnia in order to seek help and advice from them and perhaps that was a reason why the attitude towards the spiritual was relatively relaxed. This is a well-known fact in Bulgaria whose customs agents stopped buses of pilgrims from Bosnia each year, who were headed towards Turkey towards Saudi Arabia, in order to find out which one of them knew how to augur with beans. They were aware that Bosnia was famous for Imam's who were healers and soothsayers and they wanted to use the opportunity and consult with them about life issues.

Two most famous soothsayers of former Yugoslavia were clairvoyant Vava and clairvoyant Semiza from Miljevina near Foča. Clairvoyant Vava was born in 1925 in Bosanski Novi as one of twelve children of mother Sultanija and father Murat. She had 8 sisters and 4 brothers out of which none males survived their twelfth year. She stemmed from a very religious and educated Bosnian family, which was a combination of two richest families of that region, namely Cerić and Kapetanović.
Her clients were almost all members of the elite of former Yugoslavia but also politicians both local and international. One of her brilliant moments was when the president of Gabon sent an airplane so she could be the guest of honour for two weeks. From Gabon Vava returned from Africa with numerous African figurines which she received as present from the president's family.
During the 90's of the previous century and until her death, Vava lived in Belgrade and she couldn't avoid contacts with the members of the Serbian political and military elite. The same ones that supported and celebrated the destruction of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the killing of Vava's countrymen. Her prophecies will be remembered and especially the ones given about public figures, thus Vava foretold a violent death to Serbian war criminal Željko Ražnatović Arkan, the wife of Slobodan Milošević, also known as the Balkan Hitler, Miri Marković she foretold the fall of the regime and an infamous end, etc.

Clairvoyant Semiza gained her popularity in the 80's of the previous century when she suddenly gained the power of divination. She claimed that her dead brother appeared and told her that he will help her uncover peoples destinies. According to testimonies of various people that had the opportunity to visit her, every one of them were impressed by the woman they described as "petite with a gentle gaze" behind which calmness was hidden. As soon as a person would sit in front of her Semiza used a calm tone to tell that person why she actually came, what was her problem and how it can be solved.

Besides Vava and Semiza, the Sarajevo based soothsayer Mevludin Duvančić was also famous, also known as the Balkan Nostradamus, whose numerous prophecies came true. However, he was the only one that correctly predicted the wars in North Africa and he claimed that the USA won't attack Iran.

Bosnian prophet - sleeper

Omer Titorić from Višegrad is another example of a prophet who gets his visions through his sleep. Magazine Aura from Sarajevo wrote in a few instances about his prophecies. In an interview published in 2006, Omer announced that in 2011 the world will be met with a calvary of atomic centrals and deaths of numerous people. In the following interview published in December 2007, Omer said the following: "Europe will be struck by such floods which were not remembered by human minds. All towns that have rivers or are located on river beds will be flooded." His prophecy came true in May of this year when unheard of floods struck Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.
Omer claims that he is infallible in his divinations which are often not positive. However, there are such - Palestine shall become an independent state despite the fact that Israel has performed genocide for centuries over the Palestinian people and has been managing the world's largest concentration camp in the world, Gaza.
According to his prophecies another pyramid shall be discovered in Bosnia and Herzegovina which holds a secret that is thousands of years old which will make the pyramids in Visoko seem miniscule and irrelevant.

USA shall be punished by god

From those negative prognosis the ones that deal with Holland and France are especially bad. Namely, Holland will completely disappear underwater until 2024 and a large part of France will be flooded. In 2044 an even greater catastrophe will occur and it will hit the USA as a sign of god's punishment for killing Muslims in the Middle East. Let's remember that USA with its war aggression on Iraq killed over half a million of Iraqis, and if we add all the wars it financed from Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, we come to an even larger number of murdered Muslims. That's why, according to clairvoyant Omer, in 2044 god's wrath will reach the USA - half of the USA will disappear completely due to a large cataclysm.
When asked by a journalist of the magazine Aura if something nice will happen to us in the next thirty years, Omer replied: "Well, at one time the world shall be peaceful and blissful. My dreams tell me that it shall happen when Qur'an is translated to all world languages."

Destruction of disbelievers

Besides gifted individuals and their visions, among the Bosnian people there are a lot of prophecies for which the author is unknown but they are present in the tradition. According to one of them there is a gigantic rock above Saudi Arabia which is stationed high in the sky which will in the future fall onto earth and destroy it. Today this prophecy is interpreted as a punishment for perversity and evil which is spread by the royal family Saud and financing Al-Qaida and terrorist which are killing Muslims in Syria and Iraq. Even god's messenger Muhammad announced that at one time the centre of Islam (Mecca and Medina) will give way to evil and viciousness so much that it will cooperate with the enemies of Islam (Israel, USA, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey) and that it will have to be destroyed in order to cleanse the holly place from disbelievers and murderers.

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