Nov 24, 2014

Short history of Bogomils in Bosnia

Pope Pius II (1458-1464) in his work "Cosmografia" wrote while describing the Adriatic countries: "Behind Albania come the Illyrian people towards the west and north. This people were called the Slaves in our time and they call themselves Bosniaks, other Dalmatians, third Croats, Istrians and Carniolans".

Bosnia - land of the Bogomils

The first mention of heresy in Bosnia stems from the first half of the 10th century. In the letter of Pope Ivan X, sent to an archbishop from Split and the local clergy in 925, a complaint is mentioned that in the neighbouring diocese or land (referring to Bosnia), there is a science  "located in holly books". The Pope rebukes them for not paying attention and "tacitly approving it". Though here there is no direct mention of who the heretics were, nor is there mention of the character of their teachings, but there is mention that it is not "in the holly books", this clearly implies that the Pope saw it as heresy. That it refers to Bosnia and its heretics is quite clear since in the later period Bosnia was the only country in this part of Europe where heresy developed and where it, so to speak, gained the status of  state religion. (Source: F. Šišić, Manual on Croatian history, I/1 Zagreb 1914., p.215.)
Another important document confirms that the Bogomils were present in Bosnia in the 10th century.Anselmo Canterburyjski (San Anselmo) from Alexandria in Italy, which lived and worked in the 13th century, in one of his documents mentions that "the heretics were initially in Bosnia from where they spread their teachings to Lombardy, and from there towards France, from where it arrived to Orleans in 1022 and into Arras in 1025." (Source: A. Dondaine, Le Tractatus de hereticis d'Alexandrie, Arch. Fr. Praedic, XX, Rome 1950., p. 308-324).

Letter of the Roman Pope Gregory IX about Bosnia as a nest of heretics

"In his letters from 1232 to 1239 (pope Gregory IX) mentions heretics in Bosnia several times. Thus on May 30th 1233 he wrote to the cardinal Jakov Prenestinsky his legate in Bosnia, that with sorrow he discerned from his report, that the Bosnian bishop fell "into the bitterness of the crazy heresy ". That's why he ordered to place two, three or four bishops?! (though he has no support in Bosnia).
About the Bosniaks he says: "About the inhabitants of that country he says, that they are poor in estate, and rich in wickedness, since in most part they are infected with wickedness of heresy". (Pope doesn't hide his hatred towards the Bosniaks and confirms that Bosnia is mostly heretic but despite that he plans to place bishops in Bosnia?!)
In the second letter from February 13th 1234 Gregory IX wrote: "such is the multitude of infidels in Bosnia and surrounding areas, that the entire country (Bosnia) weeps and aches, barren and impassable". On August 8th 1236 the pope wrote to Sibislav, the duke of Usora, son of the former king of Bosnia Stephen (Stepan Kulinić), that "he received with joy the news that he is among the dukes of the Bosnian diocese?! (which never existed), which are infected by the taint of heretic wickedness, like a lily among thorns".
From this letter one can clearly conclude that the pope clearly wrote to one catholic among the Bosnian nobility, commending him for not falling into heresy like all the other Bosnian nobility. He mentions that in the letters, which he wrote to Ancila, the mother of Sibislav and to Hungarian bishops (since there are no Bosnian bishops), to whom he recommends Sibislav and his mother".  (Source: Dominik Mandić "Bosnia and Herzegovina volume II: Bogomil church of Bosnian Christians" p. 33-34).

Letter of Pope Ivan XII 1319 to Croatian liege Mladin Šubić

"They are learning disastrous heretical fallacies. Every believer has to stand up against such people and destroy them in order to up root their poisonous anger to prevent contamination of other believers. We often, with great sorrow, listened, from credible sources, that the land of the Bosniaks is the home to heretics, that churches are being abandoned, the clergy has been up rooted, Christian sanctities are being trudged on, the cross is not being respected, moreover, there is no sacrament of christening".

Bosniaks - dualists

"Dialogus contra manichaeos in Bosna" translated "Dialogue against Manichaeism in Bosnia" is the work of Jakob de Marchia who was placed as the vicar of Bosnia and main inquisitor by the Roman curia. This work which was written on the ground of Bosnia describes the Bosniaks as Manichaeists  and as bi-fundamental heretics (dualists). In the dialogue it is mentioned that they baptize themselves with the book, and not water, similarly to the western Cathars, which is the original spiritual, dualistic baptism called consolamentum.
The work "Dialogus contra manichaeos in Bosnia" was in the hands of church censors in 1697 when the issue was canonization of Jakov (Jakob)  Markijski (de Marchia). Since then the work has been lost. Censors Johannes Bapt. Lucini and Jochannes Bapt. Barberio exhausted the content of the work and incorporated it into their analysis which is contained in a collective work called "Monumenta canonizationis B. Jacobi de Marchia" which is in Rome.
Jakob de Marchia who was labelled a saint was a doctor of canonical law and a great fighter against heresy. Senate of Dubrovnik called him "the most elegant sower of the Lords word". His lack of success in converting Bosnian Patarens he justified to the pope by claiming that he lacked support from the royal couple Tvrtko II and Dorothea. Dorothea and Tvrtko became very unpopular among the Franciscans, which called Dorothea an "evil woman".

They would rather die than accept orthodoxy

One of the four grand inquisitors which were labelled saints by the Roman church is inquisitor Capistran (Giovanni de Capistrano) which was also known as the expert on heresy. In his letter to pope Kalisto III 4/7/1455 wrote: "Bosnian Christians are not members of the Eastern church, nay they would rather die in disbelief, than accept the religion of the Rašan (Serbs)."  (Ref: Franjo Šanjek Phenomenon "krstjani (Christians)" in medieval Bosnia and Hum, collection of works.)
How much hatred and revolt there was against the Pope, and the eastern church - which at one moment had a competition who will commit greater genocide over the Bogomils - is best confirmed by this letter according to which the Bogomils inclined towards the Ottomans as protectors against Christian evil (inquisition) and murdering.
At the end of 1456 pope's legate Ivan Karahal sent Nikola Barbucini to king Tomaš in order to talk him into declaring war against the Ottomans in unison with Hungary. After the stay and discussion with the Bosnian king, Barbucini sent a report to the pope's. legate that Tomaš is willing to go to war against the Ottomans but that "he can't because of the Manichaeists which are still a majority in Bosnia, and which love the Ottomans more than the Christians..". The statement that the Bosnian king gave to Barbuicini was repeated literally, three years later in 1459 in his letter to pope Pius II.

Fifty Manichean fallacies in Bosnia according to Torquemada

Theological structure of Bosnian heresy according to inquisitor Torquemada:
Cardinal Juan Torquemada, uncle of the infamous Spanish grand inquisitor Tomas Torquemada, in 1461 compiled a list "fifty Manichean fallacies in Bosnia". Namely, that year three Bosnian nobles were brought in chains to Rome ("three champions of heresy, influential in the king's court"). Cardinal Torquemada questioned them and studied their religion for a whole year and found 50 fallacies. He had Croatian priests at his side, and especially Luka de Talentis, archdeacon from Korčula, who was at the time serving among the pope's curia. In the end he interpreted to the three Bogomil's the list of cardinal Torquemada and based on that list on May 14th 1461 they renounced all 50 "Manichean fallacies" and promised that they will try to persuade their countrymen to change their opinion and renounce them as well. After the ceremonial renunciation the three Bosnian Christians returned to Bosnia. The two of them kept their promises, and one of them reclaimed and escaped into the parts where Stepan Kosača ruled "his friend in unbelief".
Fifty Manichean fallacies in Bosnia according to Torquemada:
1. There are two gods, one of which they call supreme good, and the other supreme evil.
2. There are two principles. The first they call god of light and the other god of darkness.

3. Some angels have an evil nature and they couldn't stop sinning.
4. Lucifer ascended into the sky and fought god and he brought many angels from there.
5. Human souls are demon's trapped inside bodies.
6. Evil angels, trapped in bodies, will return into heaven with the help of baptism, cleansing and repentance.
7. They condemn and reject the Old Testament. They say it stems from the god of darkness.
8. For the angel that spoke to Moses on the hill Sinai, they claim he was evil.
9. They accept the New Testament only partially. They deny that Jesus was born by a woman and they don't accept his genealogy.
10. They renounce the patriarchs and prophets of the Old Testament.
11. They condemn the blessed John the Baptist and claim that there is no greater devil in hell than him.
12. The tree of knowledge (of good and evil) was a woman, and Adam sinned for having sex with her and that's why he was cast out of heaven.
13. Blessed Marry was not a woman nor female being but an angel.
14. Son of god took a pseudo-body and not a real one.
15. Christ didn't truly suffer nor died, nor did he go to heaven or hell, but all that he did was illusory.
16. They believe that their church was God's.
17. They are successors of the apostles, and their heresy is the bishop of the church and the deputy and successor of Peter.
18. The Roman church was condemned and cast out.
19. Everyone is a pope, from Saint Peter to Saint Sylvester, whether their religion or not, and saint Sylvester was the first one who went rogue.
20. They condemn brick churches and called them synagogues, and for those that pray inside them, they say they are performing idolatry.
21. Use of pictures inside churches is idolatry.
22. Sign of the cross is the devil's symbol.
23. They despise the service of the lord, laude and hymns, they say it's all contrary to Christ's gospel and his teachings.
24. They make fun of and condemn worship of holly relics.
25. All reverence of saints which is done in churches is condemned and made fun of and they say one should only pray to god and worship him.
26. Their elders allow the people to pray to them, saying that they are without sin and that they carry the holy ghost in them (Parakletos).
27. They condemn church sacraments.
28. They renounce baptism which is done in the water and they say that it is John's baptism and that it cannot save anyone.
29. They claim that's Christ's baptism is done without water, by placing a book of the gospel on the chest and imposition of hands.
30. With their baptism everyone achieves forgiveness of sins and becomes as holly as Peter himself.
31. A child cannot be saved before it reaches the age of reason.
32. Full worth and power of baptism comes to the baptised from merit of the baptist.
33. The number of times the baptist sins, that's how many souls, though they be in heaven, will fall into hell.
34. The number of times the baptist sins, that's the number of baptisms those that he baptised will need.
35. They renounce the sacrament of confirmation.
36. They say that the Christ's body cannot turn into bread, and if it is turned, we cannot eat it.
37. They renounce the sacrament of penance, they say that sins are forgiven by their repeat baptism.
38. They renounce the sacrament of the last ointment.
39. They renounce the sacrament of the (holy) order.
40. Bodily marriage is adultery.
41. Every sin is a death sin.
42. Renouncing every church authority, they say that no one must be excommunicated.
43. They renounce enjoyment of meet, they say that no one who eats meet or cheese or dairy products can be saved if they are not baptised again.
44. They deny resurrection and say that the body that dies now will never resurrect but the spirit will.
45. They claim that there is no purgatory. They say that there is no middle way between heaven and hell. 46. They renounce prayers which are used for the deceased inside the church.
47. It's a death sin to kill animals or birds, also to smash eggs.
48. They condemn blood justice which is done by worldly leaders.
49. They condemn all oaths.
50. They forbid giving charity, they reject and rebuff acts of mercy.

Aug 12, 2014

Bosnian ritual with four elements and a pentagram

Lead melting is an old ritual of neutralising negative energy known from Bosnia and Herzegovina all the way to Palestine. But, while in Turkey and throughout the Middle East the ritual was exclusively practiced to nullify spellbound eyes, or, in Romanian and Bulgaria for removing effects of fear, in Bosnia this ritual cures the consequences of spellbound eyes, fear, black magic, influence of demons, certain skin diseases and different blockages such as the inability for someone to get married or a pupil to achieve success in school. Also, only in Bosnia and Herzegovina stravarke and stravari know how to use this ritual to help people which are far away from them, without physical contact, even on another continent. That's why it is known that Bosnian stravari are the best ones in this area.
In support of all the above the claim that the lead melting ritual originated in Bosnia is very popular, namely the Ottomans spread it across the lands they conquered in their campaigns i.e. from the Balkans to Palestine and Syria. In support of the originality of the ritual the data that lead melting was familiar in Bosnia since the old days and that there is no data in any ethnographic chapter which would disprove these claims. According to individual anthropologists lead melting is an ancient ritual of the Illyrians which knew how to use metals and how to shape them but also to use them for purposes of magic.
As I have written before on the ritual practice this time I will pay more attention to the theory and detailed explanation of the magical background of this ritual. To begin with we should stress that the ritual of lead melting itself is actually a combination of four elements, since a human is also made out of them. Namely, the human body is divided in the following way; from the foot to the waist rules the element of earth, from the waist to the chest is the element water, around the lungs, rules the element of air, while the head belongs to the element of fire.
In what way are the 4 elements present in the ritual? In the bowl with water, in which you melt lead, you place a hollow rock which is considered to be hardened earth. It's function is that all negative energy passes through it and goes into the ground. The water in the bowl is the second element which is combined with the element of air i.e. the stravarka blows into the water while chanting various formulas. The lead is melted with fire, with which we come to the last of the four elements. Namely, lead melting is an ancient ritual which is used to bring all four elements inside a human into balance and harmony and in such a way it enables a normal flow of energy and healing.
Another symbol, which is very important in the ritual of lead melting is what I would call "unification of the elements" and that is the pentagram or star with five points, which represents the human. Each point represents a part of the body: head, arms and legs. According to the procedure after the ritual the diseased washes his face with water which was used for lead melting and chanting of prayers and in such a way as to follow the pentagram; first wash the face, then the right arm and left leg and then the left arm and right leg. In such a manner one symbolically forms a star since according to ancient Bosnian tradition, successors of Illyrian cults, each man has his own star in the sky with which he is connected over his forehead, i.e. the place between the eyebrows. For that reason the stravar or stravarka every time after the last lead pouring dips his/her fingers into the bowl with the water and passes the fingers over the forehead of the diseased. With that ritual she "cleans" the star of that man or better yet neutralises all blockages which disrupted the connection of the man and his star.
Power of words
Uttering prayers above the surface of the water which is located in the bowl is an imitation of the mythological creation of the world which was, according to Bosnian mythology, created by a supernatural being (God) or more of them (gods) uttering a magical formula i.e. basma above the sea and then blew into the water out of which then came life. Still today there is a belief, that there is a secret and universal basma, the one that created life, the one which if found out by humans and uttered, would allow him to become the master of the entire planet earth. Bosnian stravarke believe that earth "stands" or exists on the power of the basma and the surface of the earth, on which people walk and from which they get food, rests on the strength of the prayer Ihlas from the Qur'an.
In magical practice prayer Ihlas is often combined with a basma in order to produce a magical effect. It is always repeated in the beginning three, five or seven times and then the basma  is repeated three times. With that, through the ritual, one connects into a whole things which are theoretically inconceivable - basma as a pagan element with Islam i.e. prayer Ihlas whose content is the most important message of monotheism - There is only one God. Symbiosis of magic and religion doesn't stop there instead it culminates in the formula which is called "Backwards Ihlas", whose content has a few versions of the text, but every one of them starts with the identical words of the basma: "ćuhum ćuti, lehum leti." and ends with the first words of the prayer Ihlas: "kulhuvelahu". Power of this basma is extremely large which confirms folk belief according to which all those that know the text of this basma can rule over the forces of magic and can cast spells.
Lead, herbs, water
It is interesting to mention that there are a few versions of this ritual only in Bosnia, which are absolutely unknown in other countries where the practice of lead melting is present. Namely, besides the use of lead the ritual is performed with certain herbs such as stravna herb (glechoma hederecea) or kukurijeka (Helleborus niger L.var.macranthus Freyn). From the root of kukurijeka one would boil a tea and in it lead would be poured. After that the diseased would drink the tea.
The second way is even more interesting. The ritual is performed with the help of hot water which is poured from the vessel into a saucer, then the vessel is turned upside down and placed in the middle of the saucer with the water and one would utter prayers over it. When, because of the heat, the vacuum sucks the air from the upturned vessel, the water would also be sucked into the vessel. After that has occurred the vessel is raised and the diseased washes his face with the water and drinks some of it.    

Aug 8, 2014

Voice against Israel and against genocide!

While on July 11th, 19 years from the genocide on Bosniaks in Srebrenica was marked, in Gaza, another genocide continued. It is a horrible feeling to arrive at the place of the lagest crime in Europe since WWII and listen at the same time how Jews are killing the Palestinian civilians at the same time. Watching the dismembered bodies of children, blood, listening to agonizing shouts... all of that was already seen in Bosnia.
And exactly in those days of the Israeli military aggression on Gaza, the same fear and desperation, blood and death connected two distant places in the same pain. And two nations - Palestinians and Bosnians.
While this year we buried 175 bodies, victims of genocide,  in the memorial centre Potočari, the Jews in the meantime killed over 200 Palestinians, mostly women and children. How many did the Jews actually killed in these 66 years of systematic ethnical cleansing it is difficult to say - a million, two million, three or even more? And so far they haven't been punished for any of those killings. They are very thankful to the USA which is a direct partner and participant of the genocide. USA participates very actively in that genocide and is trying very hard to protect the criminals, always vetoing any condemnation of the crimes. Similarly the USA abundantly help Israel financially and militarily in order for the Jews to continue their plan of ethnic cleansing. History has thought us that every time the USA vetoes against some resolution, condemnation or possible sanction on Israel because of their war crimes, at least a thousand Palestinians will be killed. Yes, it is the same USA that always acts as the police of the world, claims to be protecting human rights, and promotes democracy across the globe. Of course, it's all lies and a worn out phrase for the international public. Instead, the USA constantly injure human rights, participates in genocide, perform military invasion on other countries, robs natural resources of every country they attack, finances terrorism and organizes directed coups on all countries which are not obedient. That's why none of us should be surprised that the USA is on Israel's side and that it is actively engaged in genocide. What can connect two countries besides common interests?!

Gaza - blood, death and hope
For some time Gaza bears the name of the largest concentration camp in the history, whose existence the world has turned a blind eye. And all those doing that are becoming accomplices of the crime. Ethnical cleansing which the Jews undertook in Palestine in order to form an artificial structure which is today called Israel is the most gruesome example of the continuation of the Nazi ideology about a super race - one people which is better than others and which has the sole right to live.
Attacks on Gaza serve Israel as a military training ground where they always test a new weapon, on the bodies of Palestinian children. In the last attack the Jews used a new weapon which causes melting of the skin and human flesh. In the previous ones they used chemical weapons... Doesn't this remind you of the Nazi concentration camps and experiments that they performed on humans?! Remember - Nazism never disappeared, it only moved from Germany to the USA, Israel, Serbia... They are the people that have taken the right for themselves to perform ethnic cleansing and genocide and go unpunished. Those people consider themselves to be special, unique, they are very "religious", they are the oldest, most powerful... in short, they are everything and the rest of us are no one and nothing.
While rockets fall on Gaza the Jews applaud euphorically
Every time the Israeli army commits a massacre on Gaza according to an established programme which has been perfected in Israel but also in the west, a group of ten Jews or some Jewish organization protests the attacks on Gaza, in order to fool the international audience and suggest: "Not all Jews support the genocide over Palestine!". This is accompanied by the media and delivered to the world in order to fool the world that one day in Israel cool heads shall prevail. However, if that day ever comes in Palestine and Gaza not a single Palestinian will be left - all will be dead or exiled. The real truth is that 95% of Jews gives support to all military actions and continuation of the ethnic cleansing since it enables the construction of new neighbourhoods and expansion of territory.

And that such is the case is confirmed by this, namely, a few days after the start of another continuation of the long-term genocide, pictures of Jews sitting outside and euphorically chanting each rocket that fell on Gaza appeared?! Yes, you read correctly - those people enjoyed in each new kill, each new destruction and each new horror. Yes, say it out loud - they are not people, they are monsters! For a long time now there are no people in Israel only monsters, vampires and oafs. And the pinnacle of this horror is the statement of the war criminal Benjamin Netyanahu which claimed that "Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East!" Yes, you also read this correctly  - the only democracy???!!! If democracy is undertaking ethnic cleansing and genocide, celebrate killing of children and civilians then they thought us wrong what the term actually means. That's why I will correct the statement of the war criminal since he actually meant to say that: "Israel is the only demonocraty in the Middle East". Since there is no difference between demons, those that hate people and the Jews.

Voice against Israel and against genocide!
Avigodr Liberman in the midst  of the continuation of the genocide on the Palestinians, when the death toll crossed the horrific number of 700 killed, called UNHCR "council for terrorism", clearly stating that ethnic cleansing in Gaza will be continued?! In such a manner Israel once again told the world that it has no intention for peace with Palestine, even though the western media try to portray it otherwise.
When we analyze the chronology of the events in the Middle East we come to a conclusion that terrorism was born in Israel, when a genocide creation was born on the foundations of ethnic cleansing, terrorism and crimes. Palestinians, who have been struggling against this for centuries, are being called terrorists by the western media while the criminals have been presented as victims?! To the Jews, terrorism was a starting point from which they would begin to exile and kill the Palestinian people.
Because of such policy of the western countries, especially USA, the Jews without any type of prosecution, undertook war crimes for centuries over the Palestinian people in order to fulfil the plan of systematic destruction of Palestine.
Today we all know that Jews are the Nazi's of the Middle East, a monstrous and primitive people which raise their children to hate and kill. The Jews are a threat to world peace, international legal order, their policy of genocide sends a clear message to all other military regimes of the world that genocide can be performed without any consequences. That is a dangerous message and was an inspiration to many war criminals and genocide, such as the one in Bosnia, and there will be more. That's why all nations of the world must isolate Israel, sanction it, cease diplomatic relations and force that monstrous people to be punished for war crimes and deaths of over a million of Palestinians. Remember, who ever helps Israel in any way to perform attacks and massacres in Gaza is a direct participant of the genocide over this people. I think that no sane person in this world would like to do that. That's why we need to raise our voice against Israel and against genocide!       


Jul 21, 2014

Bosnian prophets and prophecies

Since the times of Bosnian forefathers the Illyrians, who were regarded by the Roman empire as people adept in magic and divination, in Bosnia and Herzegovina there were special people with mystical abilities who have been, through the long and turbulent history, called by various names such as stuhe, zduhači, faladžije, gledaoci. Some of them were recorded with the help of certain ethnographers while most of them were remembered by oral traditions which were transferred into various legends.

Thanks to the fact that the communist system in Yugoslavia wasn't as rigorous as in the SSSR the people were allowed to practice their religion, go to mosques and churches, but with a "punishment" that such individuals could not be members of the party or government. There is some information that even Tito visited some Imam's in Bosnia in order to seek help and advice from them and perhaps that was a reason why the attitude towards the spiritual was relatively relaxed. This is a well-known fact in Bulgaria whose customs agents stopped buses of pilgrims from Bosnia each year, who were headed towards Turkey towards Saudi Arabia, in order to find out which one of them knew how to augur with beans. They were aware that Bosnia was famous for Imam's who were healers and soothsayers and they wanted to use the opportunity and consult with them about life issues.

Two most famous soothsayers of former Yugoslavia were clairvoyant Vava and clairvoyant Semiza from Miljevina near Foča. Clairvoyant Vava was born in 1925 in Bosanski Novi as one of twelve children of mother Sultanija and father Murat. She had 8 sisters and 4 brothers out of which none males survived their twelfth year. She stemmed from a very religious and educated Bosnian family, which was a combination of two richest families of that region, namely Cerić and Kapetanović.
Her clients were almost all members of the elite of former Yugoslavia but also politicians both local and international. One of her brilliant moments was when the president of Gabon sent an airplane so she could be the guest of honour for two weeks. From Gabon Vava returned from Africa with numerous African figurines which she received as present from the president's family.
During the 90's of the previous century and until her death, Vava lived in Belgrade and she couldn't avoid contacts with the members of the Serbian political and military elite. The same ones that supported and celebrated the destruction of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the killing of Vava's countrymen. Her prophecies will be remembered and especially the ones given about public figures, thus Vava foretold a violent death to Serbian war criminal Željko Ražnatović Arkan, the wife of Slobodan Milošević, also known as the Balkan Hitler, Miri Marković she foretold the fall of the regime and an infamous end, etc.

Clairvoyant Semiza gained her popularity in the 80's of the previous century when she suddenly gained the power of divination. She claimed that her dead brother appeared and told her that he will help her uncover peoples destinies. According to testimonies of various people that had the opportunity to visit her, every one of them were impressed by the woman they described as "petite with a gentle gaze" behind which calmness was hidden. As soon as a person would sit in front of her Semiza used a calm tone to tell that person why she actually came, what was her problem and how it can be solved.

Besides Vava and Semiza, the Sarajevo based soothsayer Mevludin Duvančić was also famous, also known as the Balkan Nostradamus, whose numerous prophecies came true. However, he was the only one that correctly predicted the wars in North Africa and he claimed that the USA won't attack Iran.

Bosnian prophet - sleeper

Omer Titorić from Višegrad is another example of a prophet who gets his visions through his sleep. Magazine Aura from Sarajevo wrote in a few instances about his prophecies. In an interview published in 2006, Omer announced that in 2011 the world will be met with a calvary of atomic centrals and deaths of numerous people. In the following interview published in December 2007, Omer said the following: "Europe will be struck by such floods which were not remembered by human minds. All towns that have rivers or are located on river beds will be flooded." His prophecy came true in May of this year when unheard of floods struck Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.
Omer claims that he is infallible in his divinations which are often not positive. However, there are such - Palestine shall become an independent state despite the fact that Israel has performed genocide for centuries over the Palestinian people and has been managing the world's largest concentration camp in the world, Gaza.
According to his prophecies another pyramid shall be discovered in Bosnia and Herzegovina which holds a secret that is thousands of years old which will make the pyramids in Visoko seem miniscule and irrelevant.

USA shall be punished by god

From those negative prognosis the ones that deal with Holland and France are especially bad. Namely, Holland will completely disappear underwater until 2024 and a large part of France will be flooded. In 2044 an even greater catastrophe will occur and it will hit the USA as a sign of god's punishment for killing Muslims in the Middle East. Let's remember that USA with its war aggression on Iraq killed over half a million of Iraqis, and if we add all the wars it financed from Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, we come to an even larger number of murdered Muslims. That's why, according to clairvoyant Omer, in 2044 god's wrath will reach the USA - half of the USA will disappear completely due to a large cataclysm.
When asked by a journalist of the magazine Aura if something nice will happen to us in the next thirty years, Omer replied: "Well, at one time the world shall be peaceful and blissful. My dreams tell me that it shall happen when Qur'an is translated to all world languages."

Destruction of disbelievers

Besides gifted individuals and their visions, among the Bosnian people there are a lot of prophecies for which the author is unknown but they are present in the tradition. According to one of them there is a gigantic rock above Saudi Arabia which is stationed high in the sky which will in the future fall onto earth and destroy it. Today this prophecy is interpreted as a punishment for perversity and evil which is spread by the royal family Saud and financing Al-Qaida and terrorist which are killing Muslims in Syria and Iraq. Even god's messenger Muhammad announced that at one time the centre of Islam (Mecca and Medina) will give way to evil and viciousness so much that it will cooperate with the enemies of Islam (Israel, USA, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey) and that it will have to be destroyed in order to cleanse the holly place from disbelievers and murderers.

Jul 9, 2014

Gaza Under Attack!!! Share to let the world know!!!!

Share to let the world know!!!!
Share to let the world know!!!!
Share to let the world know!!!!
Share to let the world know!!!!
Share to let the world know!!!!

May 11, 2014

Podijeli sadaku, produži nafaku!

In Bosnian tradition since the old days there existed an interesting practice of sharing alms with which one wanted to gain god's blessing with this humane gesture and also summon positive energy. That traditional segment was deeply involved in Bosnian magic and serves as the ending ritual of invoking spiritual forces. According to the belief of stravarka's, otherwise one of the authorities on the field of folk medicine, showing mercy is the most effective method of accumulating positive energy which is in itself healing.

Sadaka or alms is often given to people in the form of money per system of how much an individual can give while it is distributed to animals in the form of food, especially fish and birds. The origin of such a practice is easily found in certain mythological legends among which the one on the large celestial bird is especially emphasised, the bird cursed by god, which fed only on the smoke of burnt fruit shells. That's why in the past it was seen as a good dead if people burnt fruit shells. Also, throwing bread crumbs to fish in the river stems from the mythological belief about the gigantic fish on whose back stands the bull Tur and holds earth. The basic idea of the practice is that by feeding the fish in the water one is actually feeding or giving energy to the gigantic fish and that one helps keep earth living.
Besides that the Bogomil tradition, whose beliefs are still present among the Bosnian folk, nurtured the idea of migration of the human soul from humans into animals and vice versa. In accordance with that principle the folk sensitized themselves in relation to animals, especially domestic animals, towards which any bad behaviour was seen as a large sin. Out of fear that an animal has a human soul each form of torturing was tabooed. - "An animal doesn't know how to forgive!" is one of the common sayings among the people which confirms the old rule that one should not physically torture animals.
Good deeds towards humans and animals were always welcome and desirable with God since one would redeem himself in front of the higher power, would stimulate his luck and would prolong his life and would collect points which were a guarantee that he will avoid large trouble and bad luck. A saying which can often be heard "Podijeli sadaku - produži nafaku!" or "Distribute alms - prolong good fortune" i.e. "Give alms - ensure your luck" is actually the best example of what it is used for. An interesting practice is the practice of blessing with which Bosnian women invoke God's protection: "Let God help everyone; fish in the water, worm in the ground, ant under a leaf, bird on a branch and even me". A more interesting fact is the identification of animal and human and their connection in the legend which was created in the spirit of Bogomil tradition and was recorded by Antun Hangi in the book "Life and customs of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina".
One morning on his way to town a merchant passed by a graveyard. The next time he went pass he heard a mysterious voice: -"Ja ehli kabur" someone said. Confused and surprised the merchant stopped wondering if someone was talking to him or to someone else. But, he didn't see anyone around. Soon he heard the same voice: "Today we will have a new inhabitant here!". -"And which one?" a second voice asked. -"Today a woman will wash her clothes, she will pour hot water on herself and will die from it".
Then the merchant realised that the dead people in the grave were talking and remembered that his wife told him at breakfast that she will be washing clothes the entire day and that he should send two loafs of bread from town by a courier since she want have time to make them herself. After the voices stopped the merchant calmed down and went towards town with some dread in his heart. Arriving in the city he bought two loafs of bread and sent them to his wife by a boy. However, that day doubt and fear did not give him peace and he closed his store sooner and went home. Passing by the same graveyard he again heard the same voices:
-"Ja ehli kabur, that woman will not come to the grave!" - "And why is that?" asked another voice. -"A bitch gave birth to puppies near her house, the woman fed her. That's why Allah forgave her sins and prolonged her life!". Those words calmed the merchant and he hurried home. In front of his house he saw his wife sitting and resting.
-"Did you wash the clothes today?" he asked, and after she confirmed he asked her if she has had lunch. The woman replied that she didn't because she had a lot of work. The last answer completely confused the merchant. -"And where are the loafs of bread?". Surprised by the question the woman answered: "One loaf is in the house and the second one I gave to a bitch that gave birth to puppies near our house". Then the merchant realised that the dead were speaking about his wife. 
Giving alms in the Bosnian tradition besides its human nature hides in it various motives from wish to recovery from an illness, for happiness, god's protection, etc. Alms is often given when one is preparing for a journey in order for it to pass successfully and securely. These are only a few of many examples.

Alms towards birds and fish

Common practice of stravarke is that after a finished ritual she crushes a piece of bread into the bowl she used during the ritual, she stirs them three times clockwise and throws them outside for the birds to eat.
On Tuesday or Friday the one that doubts that he is under a negative magical influence takes an entire bread loaf, breaks it into smaller pieces in a bag and then goes to a bridge with it. Standing on the bridge he spins the bag three times clockwise around his body and in the end throws the crumbs into the river for the fish to eat. 
Alms towards the poor

If someone has a headache or has trouble sleeping, then that person takes some money, spins it three times around his head clockwise and then gives to a poor person.
If a woman can't stay pregnant for long, then during nine months she gives alms to the poor in order to gain god's grace and become a mother.

Alms for the souls of a deceased

At the spot where the deceased stayed overnight inside a house, the moment he is taken outside a bowl full of wheat is placed there overnight. Tomorrow that wheat is gifted to a poor family or person. In such a way, according to belief, one is helping the deceased find his peace quickly.

Mar 1, 2014

Bosniaque ritual avec plomb

Dans la tradition de la Bosnie-Herzégovine est présent dans la médecine populaire depuis les temps anciens, un rituel intéressant de plomb connue sous le titre de la fusion du plomb ou salivanje olova, de la fusion de la peur ou salivanje strahe, de la fusion des grains ou salivanje zrna, déversement horreur ou prelijevanje strave, etc. Il annule les effets négatifs du mauvais œil, de la magie noire, de la rencontre avec les démons et de la chance bloquée, par exemple, quand une fille ne peut pas se marier ou l'elève ne reussi pas a l'ecole. Cependant, le plus souvent ce rituel se pratique pour les enfants qui pleurent frequemment ou ont le sommeil agité.

La personne qui pratique ce rituel est appelé stravarka ou stravaruša , si c'est une femme,  ou stravar, si il s'agit d'un homme . Habituellement,  la connaissance de la pratique du rituel est hérité d'un membre de la famille qui s'en est occupé toute sa vie. Lorsque cette personne est vieille ou pour cause de maladie ne peut plus être engagé dans la fusion du plomb alors ce savoir elle l'enseigne a son successeur .
Pour effectuer un rituel de fusion du plomb il faut prendre que quelques petits morceaux de plomb, un récipient métallique dans lequel on verse l'eau, il est recommandé que ce soit de l'eau de source, et une casserole dans lequel faire fondre le plomb sur le feu. Le patient est recouvert d' un tissu rouge sur la tête. Stravarka récitant des prières sur un bol avec de l'eau, en disant des le départ ceci:

«Ma chere Hazrat Fatima, ma chère mère,
dites à votre père Mohammed
de me venir en aide comme a ce patient " .

Puis il dit que la première et les trois derniers chapitres du Coran, soufflant dans l'eau chaque fois qu'il arrive a la fin de la prière. Si pendant que  stravarka fais ca elle a des réactions telles qu'un étouffement dans la poitrine, l'apparition d'une odeur forte, elle sais qu'il est question d'un grand mal, et il est prononcé le chapitre 36. du Coran. Le même chapitre sera prononcé une fois de plus après la fin du rituel, mais cette fois sur un morceau de sucre que le patient doit manger .

Lorsque le plomb a fondu stravarka prend une cuillère et verse le plomb fondu dans un bol d'eau qu'elle tient au dessus de la tête du patient. Tout en versant au dessus de la tête, elle regarde dans la direction d'une grande colline pour que le mal s'en aille loin du patient. Pendant ce temps-là:

"Le plomb se brise et de N (nom du patient ) tout le mal s'en va".

Au contact du plomb fondu et de l'eau froide celui ci va prendre differente forme qui seront analysés par stravarka pour connaitre la cause de la maladie ou d'un problème qui touche les patients. Si vous voyez un serpent dans la forme elle conduira à interpréter « que le mal est venu de l'ennemi " si il y a des formes qui ressemblent à des clous on dira alors que c'était la peur ou le stress,  si on voit sur certains des morceaux de la couleur verte on va interpréter le signe disant «Quelqu'un a travaillé par magie avec l'aide de talismans ", etc .

Lorsque vous interprétez ce que vous voyez dans les formes de plomb, les ramasser et les remettre de nouveau a fondre dans le feu. Le Plomb fondu sera de nouveau verser dans un bol d'eau par contre cette fois ci il sera tenu au niveau de l'abdomen des patients. Après ré- analyse des formes au fond du bol d'eau stravarka les ramasse à nouveau et refait fondre sur le feu une troisième fois. Cette fois ci le plomb fondu est versé dans un bol d'eau, qu'elle garde au dessus des pieds du patient. Le rituel est terminé, le signe que le mal ou la maladie est annulée se voit grace a une forme dans le plomb en forme de larme, appelé le «cœur». Si cette forme apparait c'est que le rituel a réussi.
Après ca stravarka prend trois allumettes, les allume une par une et les jette dans un récipient avec de l'eau , en disant :

«Je n'e brule pas des allumettes mais je brule tout le mal,
les maladies et les démons avec N ( dire le nom du patient ) de la mère N ( dire son nom »),
avec l'aide de Dieu. Amen!


Stravarka sort alors les allumettes et le plomb du recipient et reverse l'eau dans une bouteille vide et la donne au patient pour la prendre à la maison. L'eau sert a la toilette du patient pendant sept jours, matin et soir, et il boit un peu à chaque fois de cette eau. Le meilleur jour pour effectuer ce rituel est le mardi qui était un jour saint de la Bosnie Bogumil. Si vous ne voyez pas après la troisième fusion du plomb la forme de coeur alors le rituel doit etre répété les deux mardi suivants.

Dans le contenant utilisé pour le rituel on emmiette des morceaux de pain en tout petit morceaux a fin de les jeter dehors et qu'ils soient mangés par les oiseaux. La signification de ce rituel est de donner l'aumone aux oiseaux afin qu'ils emportent avec eux le mal et les maladies qui ont frappé les patients.

En fin de compte , il convient de noter que la performance de ce rituel n'est pas anodine, car il se produit un transfert de l'énergie négative des patients sur stravarka qui fait qu'il ou elle ont généralement certaines réactions comme l'insomnie, la douleur de poitrine, les cauchemar,  la dépression, etc.  Par conséquent, le rituel devrait s'engager seulement par ceux qui ont des connaissances sur l'élimination de l'énergie négative .

Feb 10, 2014

Autentični revolucionarni zahtjevi probijaju se iz Tuzle i šire gradovima BiH: "Sva vlast plenumima!"

Svi oni koji zdravo-razumski prate naše pisanje zadnjih nekoliko godina znaju da je medijska propaganda i raskrinkavanje iste jedna od centralnih tema kojima se intenzivno bavimo. Iz te perspektive aktualna događanja u BiH su izuzetno zanimljiva za praćenje. Količina propagande je zaista bez presedana, no pitanje je koliko stvarno ima utjecaja na stanovnike, ne samo BiH, već i cijele regije koja zasigurno intenzivno prati razvoj situacije.

Medijski angažman poprima oblike pravog, gotovo vojnog, kontraobavještajnog djelovanja. Već prvog dana smo predstavili cjelokupni "recept" koji će se implementirati i sada ga možemo pratiti iz dana u dan. Nakon izbijanja radničke pobune prvo se krenulo s lažnim vijestima o masovnim pljačkama u Tuzli. Te laži su do sada relativno uspješno sami stanovnici i svjedoci na terenu raskrinkali.

Kada se eskalacija proširila na Sarajevo stiže nam vijest o "potpunom uništenju arhiva koji sadrži građu neprocjenjive vrijednosti". Mediji oplakuju neprocjenjivo blago "koje je preživjelo sve ratove" da bi sada "divljački bilo uništeno od strane vandala", koji su - eto, prigodno - ujedno "pijani i nadrogirani".

Veljača 2014. u Sarajevu kao veljača 1933. u Berlinu. Gori arhiv, gori Reichstag. Dok je ovaj drugi bio podmenut, ovaj prvi je izgleda posve izmišljen. Naime, sarajevski umjetnik Damir Imamović jučer je objavio kako je "99,9 posto građe Arhiva BiH spašeno". " Samo su kancelarije izgorjele sa nešto građe", rekao je Imamović nakon razgovora s ljudima koji su gasili vatru.

To je bila prva razina napada - da se prosvjednike prikaže manijakalnim pljačkašima i razbojnicima. Ta razina imala je za cilj oslabiti pobunu iznutra, unutar samih gradova, da se ljude zadrži unutar 4 zida i da slučajno ne pomišljaju na izlazak na ulice. Ona druga razina možda je još i perfidnija i njen je cilj bio "lokalizirati" pobunu kako se ista ne bi proširila i dalje, pa i na zemlje regije.

"Ovo je unutar-bošnjački politički sukob", tvrde danas neki, znajući da ne govore istinu, ali za to su plaćeni jako dobro. Nacionalna pripadnost nema nikakve veze s razlozima eksplozije ove pobune, apsolutno nikakve.

"Ne nasjedajte na ove provokacije", poručuje se Srbima i Hrvatima u BiH. "Iza toga stoje ovi, stoje oni" - i tako u nedogled. Kod ljudi se stvara osjećaj paranoje, straha, spominju im se "novi ratovi", zavjere... Nažalost neki stanovnici ovih traumatiziranih područja su očito još uvijek sposobni progutati ovakve laži i obmane. Koliki broj? Teško je reći, ali brojka je zasigurno manja od one koju nam daju isti mediji koji šire ovu propagandu.

Strah vladajuće klase u regiji je po prvi put nakon jako dugo vremena golem, kako strah tako i paranoja. Hoće li ih, još jednom, nacionalistička karta uspjeti spasiti? To je ključno pitanje o kojem danas razmišljaju. Hoće li narodi progutati jednu te istu laž koja im je uništila prošlost, sadašnjost i budućnost - ili će možda shvatiti kako su svi u jednoj te istoj kaljuži, s jednim te istim tlačiteljima? U situaciji gdje nacionalnost, vjera i druge karakteristike ne igraju apsolutno nikakvu ulogu?

Uz pumpanje ovih strahova, zavjera i paranoja u fokus se guraju teme poput "tko stoji iza ovoga?", "tko dirigira?", "cui bono?". Odgovor je jednostavan - iza "ovoga" će stajati svi, samo ne narod, ako im se dopusti dominacija nad informacijom. Svaka politička struja nastojati će maksimalno kapitalizirati na ovoj pobunu ako ona poklekne. Moćni medijski moguli vide u ovome svoju priliku, regionalni uzurpatori vide šansu za širenjem svojih interesa, međunarodna zajednica vidi mogućnost ubrzavanja svojih ciljeva na leđima pobunjenog naroda.

Gdje god bude postojao čak i najmanji prostor infiltracije, infiltracija će se tamo i dogoditi. Tragovi direktne demokracije nastojati će se razbiti i gurnuti natrag u buržujsku demokraciju od koje profitira samo vladajuća klasa. Pobunu će se nastojati preusmjeriti u tom pravcu, u bilo kojem pravcu zapravo, samo da je se skrene s jedinog progresivnog puta oslobođenja.

No, sve te obmane koje talasaju na površini medijske propagande ne moraju značiti da se ispod površine već nisu počeli događati važni procesi. Štoviše, oni su definitivno počeli. Jučer su se iz Tuzle začuli autentični revolucionarni zahtjevi - "Sva vlast plenumima!".

Ove akcije neće dobiti nikakvu pažnju mainstream medija, jer se ovih akcija boje više od ičega. I oni mediji koji su tobože na strani prosvjednike u fokus guraju pro-sistemska rješenja u stilu "želimo novu vlast, želimo efikasniji kapitalizam". To je još i najveća kontrarevolucija, podjednako radzorna kao i ona koja želi prosvjednike prikazati drogiranim huljama.

Radnički i građanski plenum jučer je u Tuzli održan i to je prvi važan korak prema revoluciji radničke klase. Donijeti su i zaključci koje ovdje prenosimo u originalnom tekstu:

"Mirni protesti u Tuzli se nastavljaju. Dajemo podršku svim protestima u gradovima u Bosni i Hercegovini.

Skupština Tuzlanskog kantona, u skladu sa svojim ustavnim nadležnostima, ima sve neophodne pravne mehanizme kojima je dužna osigurati funkcionisanje vlasti u interesu građana. Neistinite su informacije kojima se pokušava manipulirati javnost kako je ostavkom Vlade Tuzlanskog kantona nastupio nepremostivi pravni vakuum.


1. da nadležni organi vlasti Tuzlanskog kantona, u skladu sa Ustavom i zakonom, obezbijede sigurnost svih učesnika protesta;

2. da Skupština Tuzlanskog kantona, u skladu sa ustavnim nadležnostima, odmah osigura funkcionisanje vlasti na području Tuzlanskog kantona, bez uključivanja Vlade u ostavci;

3. da Skupština Tuzlanskog kantona, u saradnji sa Plenumom, najkasnije do 01.03.2014., izvrši izbor i imenovanje ekspertne vlade, sačinjene od stručnih, nestranačkih i nekompromitovanih članova.

Ovaj Proglas donose Plenum građana/ki Tuzlanskog kantona, za dobro svih nas."

Tuzla je počela važan proces, koji se već danas nastavlja i u drugim gradovima - naime, najavljen je "Plenum građana i građanki Sarajeva", a stižu informacije kako će se i u drugim gradovima održati plenumi.

Zašto su plenumi u ovom trenutku toliko važni i zašto su oni revolucionarni glas pobune u BiH? Zato jer su autentična alternativa anti-narodnoj vlasti, oni su alfa i omega direktne demokracije. Na tim sastancima radnici mogu slobodno iznijeti svoju agendu i dati joj jedini pravi legitimitet. U suštini, plenumi su nešto čega će se vladajuća klasa bojati još i više od eskalacije na ulicama, jer plenumi preuzimaju legitimitet iz njihovih ruku i daju ga u ruke narodu.

Što je zapravo plenum, poprilično je dobro opisano na stranicama

"Plenum predstavlja skupštinu članova grupe ili više grupa, to je javni prostor za raspravu, bez zabrana i hijerarhije sudionika, na kojem se donose odluke. Otvoren je za sve, svako može sudjelovati i svako ima pravo glasa. U njemu samo ne sjede predstavnici vlasti i organizacija, izuzev toga to je prostor bez zabrana i pripada svima.

Tko god se osjeća pozvanim ili osjeća potrebu da sudjeluje, to može učiniti bez ikakvih prepreka. Odluke na plenumu donose svi sudionici po principu većinske odluke, za ili protiv.

Plenum nema vođa, na sjednicama se biraju moderatori koji će upravljati diskusiju i određivati koliko vremena davati govornicima te podsjećati na redoslijed točaka dnevnog reda koje su utvrđene na početku. Na kraju svake sjednice bivaju izabrani moderatori za narednu sjednicu.

U plenumu ne postoje funkcije poput portparola, zastupnika i delegacija. Uz pristanak učesnika plenuma ili na prijedlog plenuma u javnosti istupaju osobe koje daju izjave ili intervjue".

Jedan od glavnih načina na koji se pokušalo diskreditirati prosvjednike ovih dana su bile izjave poput "što oni žele? tko ih predstavlja?" - tu plenumi dolaze do izražaja. Prošlotjedna eskalacija širom je otvorila vrata organiziranom progresivnom putu naprijed, ako građani nastave tim putem i složno preuzmu moć odlučivanja u svoje ruke, nikakva količina propagande na tom putu ih neće moći zaustaviti.

Jan 11, 2014

Reincarnation in the tradition of the Bosnian people

Bogomilsm was based on Persian dualism: the master of the spiritual world was god, and the material, which was transitory, was ruled by the evil god Satan. The same principle is evident in Christianity, Islam and Judaism where the principle of good and evil are clearly accentuated, and that god for various reasons never managed to defeat Satan and that's why both of them have their kingdoms and eternally opposed armies. The balance of power is equal with a religious promise that Satan will be eventually beaten and destroyed.
The main element of the spiritual world was the soul, for which the Bogomils believed that with migrations or metempsychosis it aims at eternal perfection or nirvana - final liberation. According to Bogomil doctrine, it was forbidden to kill animals and birds, and even to destroy their eggs, because in every animal there can be a human soul doing penance for the sin's a man has done for his lifetime. That old Bogomil beliefs left a huge mark on the Bosnian people is best witnessed by the still active belief from north-western Bosnia which claims that evil people turn into animals after death such as pigs, cows, horses,. in order to serve humans in their new life and to pay for their sins.
One important record, which dates from the Ottoman occupation of BiH, named "From Bosnia with pictures" speaks explicitly about the very widespread idea of reincarnation among the Bosnian people. Author Clement Božić commented, like numerous other contemporary observers, seeing packs of dogs moving freely around the neighbourhoods and streets of Sarajevo: "Bosniaks take care of them (dogs), by giving them complete freedom; they say that some of them may contain a human soul and if someone has a bad dream, in the morning they buy bread and feed them to the dogs."
The only animal that cannot have a human soul is the snake, probably because of the Illyrian legend according to which a snake has been created 40 years prior to any living being on this planet. This mythological belief of the Bosnian people is completely analogous to the ancient representation about the forefather of all Illyrians which was wrapped by a snake when he was a baby. In many ways a snake has been officially given a favoured status and she had a special place among the Bogomils which can be seen from numerous legends created throughout the Middle Ages where this animal plays a major role. To the Bogomils, unlike other Christian churches, the snake didn't represent the reincarnation of evil since according to their doctrine the tree of knowledge of good and evil was a woman (Eve), and Adam sinned for copulating with her, and that's why both of them were banished from heaven. Thanks to this fact the existence of the cult of snake was never brought into question throughout any period of Bosnian history, not even during the turbulent Middle Ages. The answer to the question why was only the snake exempt from the karmic circle is that she as a holly animal cannot be the bearer of a human's sinful soul, her task is to use her mystical powers to protect every house and all souls living in them.
Even though the Bogomils weren't inclined, according to their religious belief, to excessive indulgement of earthly goods, they were, like all others, exposed to constant temptations which ruled the evil material world which additionally made it harder for a soul to achieve enlightenment. According to Bogomil's conception the end of the reincarnation cycle was only possible after receiving the sacrament at death with which the soul would achieve its spiritual regeneration. It was only possible through this type of cleansing and after separation from the material world which was under the control of evil. The final goal was to ensure the unification of the soul with the good god. In a lawsuit in Torino in 1388 a claim mentioned that a soul which doesn't receive consolamentum transfers into the first body to which it comes across to, either human or animal; this continues on until it is blessed by its spiritual father on its deathbed.         
When we summarise all that has been written so far we come to some sensational data which reveals to us that in Bosnia and Herzegovina we find very clear and evident basic doctrines about karma and reincarnation which can be considered to be rare, if not the only country in this part of Europe, with such traditional concept which certainly didn't form in the Bogomil religion, but it's appearance dates from ancient times. That's why this particularity deserves special research.
Reincarnation as a term was well defined in Bhagavad Gita, authoritative writing of a Vedic teacher which dates from the 5th century BCE, defined as a cycle of birth and death in the circle of samsara, and karma as causal effect according to which by our own actions, thoughts and feelings we create our own destiny. The idea about reincarnation can be found on all continents. But, for us the most important data is that reincarnation as a thought was present among the old Celts and Persians, two peoples which more or less had a defining influence on the religious understanding of the Bosnian people, especially during ancient and middle ages.

Celtic dragon and goddess of moon

In order to get a more detailed understanding of the beginnings of the religious idea of reincarnation in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is necessary to follow the snake (dragon) trail on the unique symbol of ancient past of this country - tombstone. Even though the representation of a dragon on a Bosnian tombstone such as the one in Boljuni or on the famous tombstone from Donje Zgošće accidentally or on purpose didn't stimulate interest for serious observations, but was interpreted in a simpler way, as heraldic motifs without any deeper background meaning, it can be a road sign to any serious researcher when it comes to discovering religious and cultural heritage of the Bosnian people. Luckily today we know that depictions of dragons are not accidental nor in the form of an ornament without meaning, but they represent, among others, proof of deep symbiosis of Celts and Illyrians, through cultural and religious practice. Namely, on some tombstones there are depictions of two-headed dragons which is the same as the Celtic symbol of the two-headed dragon. The similarity of the Celtic and Bosnian (Illyrian) tradition doesn't end there, but it gets its full meaning through depictions of the Celtic moon goddess Arianhrod on one of the tombstones which brings us to recent evidence about the dominant influence of the cult of the Grand Mother and dragon as symbol of fertility - new life.
Arianhod is known under several names: "High Fruitful Mother", "Silver Wheel", "Silver Circle", "Sky Goddess", etc. In etymology it is considered that her name comes from the Welsh word "silver" or "ariawyn" - "silver woman". The origin of the name is also brought into connection with Ariadne or Aradia, Greek lunar goddess, which is connected to the cult of the growing moon. Ariana, whose meaning is "one very holly", is a familiar Illyrian name and is very present today on the territory of Albania, Kosovo and BiH. Other variations of this name are also in use such as Ilirijana or Ilirija.

Celtic goddess of moon Arianrhod. Celtic goddess of moon Arianrhos on a Bosnian tombstone.   
Celtic religious influence on Illyrian tribes left a relatively deep mark especially on the cult of the Grand Mother. Namely, according to Celtic legend, Arianhrod takes care of warriors and their souls which perfectly fits into the legend about Mujo Hrnjica and the Mountain faery. In the same manner, Arianhrod is the goddess of reincarnation, new life, with which she represents unrivalled mother of life. Notion of reincarnation i.e. resurrection and new life was not foreign to the Illyrians, on the contrary, all that symbology was represented by the snake, their totem, which personified the unbroken circle of life by shedding its skin.
In accordance with everything said so far, we can conclude that reincarnation notion was inseparable part of the cult of fertility and the Grand Mother and that as such it was part of the tradition of our people throughout all centuries, in a smaller or larger extent. That's why we can find it in the Bogomil tradition but also during middle Ages in folk religion.   

From Illyrian's and Bogomil's to the Bosnian holocaust

The Bogomil movement is without a doubt one of the phenomena of Middle Age Bosnia and Herzegovina since it testifies about the strength and unity that characterised the Bosnian people of that time. Aware of their uniqueness, especially Illyrian descent, the Bosnian's of that time had the hardest time during the violent transition from paganism to Christianity since the new religion was foreign and completely absurd to them. This is the reason why Bosnian people never gave up their old cults, especially the cult of the snake, which were perfectly in line with coexistence with nature, its gods, especially the Grand Mother and astral deities. In line with that there had to be a resistance, the same one that almost militarily ruined the Roman Empire, which found the Bosnian people in Bogomilism. We can assume that the Bosnian people recognised some similarities between Bogomilism and Illyrian cults, but more important is the fact that through Bogomilism they achieved certain autonomy from the Christian church, in order to continue their ancient practices of worshiping their old cults, with such convenience. Assemblies on high localities where the Illyrians glorified the heavenly deities was one of the practices of the Bogomils.
The wish for preserving tradition and cultural identity resulted in the fact that the Bogomil faith completely affirmed itself in Bosnia and Herzegovina becoming the main religious but also political movement based on the revolutionary idea of resistance towards dictatorship and hegemony which came from two directions - Vatican and Byzantium. Mass conversions in the next period of Bogomils to Islam, without force or threats, are the best proof  of the claims that support that Bogomil's saw in the new faith the best protection and solution to their existence.
From all of the above we can find the root of animosity that the Bosnian people were subject to from Serbs and to some extent Croats. Even though Bosnian people were third in number when it comes to people in the former Yugoslav republic, cultural genocide was practiced over them not just in that Republic but decades earlier, which all culminated in the period from 1992 to 1995 when it assumes an ever harsher shape expressed through ethnical cleansing. At that time of the Bosnian holocaust the most ruthless crimes were undertaken since WWII, when Bosniaks, faced with the possibility of complete annihilation, were killed in numerous Serbian concentration camps, which resulted in mass graves whose number up until today has only been partially discovered.
This all was preceded by a well thought out strategy of destroying the identity of Bosniaks, appropriation of everything that made a people a nation, where Serbian ethnologists and anthropologists played a major role. Namely, all folk beliefs of the Bosniaks were appropriated as being Serbian along with the thesis without valid evidence that Bosniaks themselves were actually Serbs?! But, this is not only the case with Bosnia, but also other neighbouring countries, and through their ethnological literature we can find entire chapters of folk tradition of Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria or Romania under the joint name "Serbian beliefs". A special part is made up of traditional beliefs of Turkey, their customs, cuisine, numerous words, even music, which Serbs today regard as authentic works of their cultural history?!