Apr 1, 2016

Degradation of sexuality

 Nature itself is the greatest altar which exists, which was surely familiar to our ancestors, as well as the fact that respecting natural forces we are returning to ourselves, we are being spiritualised and reset. It's amazing manifestation is observed in the miraculous symbiosis of a man and woman, which as a couple, through rituals of fertility, achieve the effect of harmony and concord with that energy, they blend in it, and in such a manner connect their physical bodies and mental energy even stronger. In many ways this has caused positive reactions and certainly made their marriage even stronger and their family harmonious, since besides sensual pleasure, the couple tried to awaken fertility in their life surroundings, ensure a better harvest, crop yield, and at the same time chase away all evil forces which are in a constant battle against life and forces of good.

This highly social cult destroyed to a greater extent monotheism with its narrowness and disinclination towards any type of tolerance towards things which are different and with violent decadence made people with these remarkable religious-magical practices into persons which from birth had to suppress sexual energy inside of themselves. But, when we analyse in more detail the legend about Adam and Eve, especially from the standpoint of the Bogomils, we come to pretty interesting conclusions which paint a fairly different picture than the one which is being forced on us for centuries by fanatical interpreters of religion. Namely, it is clearly obvious that inborn human curiosity opened the way towards awakening sexuality and so became the synonym for the original sin for which they were expelled from heaven, a place of plenty and fruits into a wild region, where the first mythological people had to create life and fertility (food). Similarly, when we take a look at the other version, the one including a snake, we come to a similar interpretation according to which the snake, ancient symbol of fertility, awakened sexuality in Adam and Eve and the desire for fertility, so that they can gain self-consciousness and control over their lives, and in a way become independent from god. This is why the desire for degradation of a natural and inborn human need for healthy sexuality is unfathomable, this need has been used for practical purposes from the beginning of times; this degradation has resulted in us trying to uncover in the 21st century things which have been discovered by our pagan forefathers in ancient times.

Though it is not an original statement of Aleister Crowley, it is convenient to quote him and his conclusion that suppression of sexual urges is the main reason of perversions of all forms, for aggression and all other anomalies of this modern world. Sexual frustration of the modern man, which was inconceivable for people in ancient times, is the result of systematic destruction of sexual consciousness in monotheism, which subordinated women and made them lower beings, bringing her under the term "birth machine" and to the man forced sex exclusively as the need to create offspring. Everything else, especially enjoyment in the sexual act, was pronounced as undesirable since, as it is known, from the very start monotheism tried to separate man from nature, his primordial cradle.

Hatred towards sex is very pronounced in Christianity where a fantastical and extremely unreasonable theory is promoted where Jesus was conceived in a supernatural way, and not by a sexual act, as well as the unreasonable tendency of the clergy, especially in Catholicism to spend their life in celibacy which is an extreme and unnatural state for any man. What types of deviation has this spurred is best witnessed by mass cases of paedophilia as well as other perversions among the Catholic priests which shocked the entire world. We find something similar in Islam where we have an unreasonable fear of women, her body and generally sexuality. Need to cover a woman with clothes completely, in order to hide everything which makes her a female being, also spurred paedophilia, and in some African countries a very un-Muslim custom of circumcising women, which beside bodily mutilation and traumatic experience makes an asexual person out of the woman.

One of the main roots of the historical fear of women by men, especially forcing the cult of superior men, is in her natural ability to enjoy much longer in the sexual union and that after an orgasm, after only two minutes, a woman can start a new sexual act while the average man needs 15-20 minutes after orgasm to achieve an erection and with that begin a new coitus