Apr 1, 2016

Rituals of inciting fertility

 From rare descriptions it is possible to presume that our Illyrian forefathers imagined or represented the Grand Mother. She was embodied in the black earth and her appearance was that of a dark skinned woman, which is not surprising if we take into account certain archaeological research according to which the experts proved that dark skinned people used to live in our lands in ancient history, popularly called Balkan black men. Balkan area itself is important in the total research of European history since, without exaggeration it represents the cradle of the continent itself. There is a great possibility that the Illyrians, due to migration, assimilated the existing religious-magical beliefs and built their cults on top of them, especially the one dedicated to fertility.

Cult of fertility is in principle based on various sexual activities. Use of energy which is produced by sexual arousal, especially before and during orgasm, moves the forces of nature, if they are focused in the desired direction, can call upon all those aspect of happiness necessary for the completion of a goal. Studying the available data I noticed that all those ritual movements and gestures in the Bosnian cult of fertility have a goal of primarily connecting in a more intimate way humans with nature itself, its source, and with that compound spur fertility in both sides. Healthy sexual organ, intimate hygiene, as well as cleanliness of the entire body represented a guarantee that the ritual will produce a positive result and with its state reflect on for example, the cleanliness of grains, i.e. that it will be cockle free. Desire for fertility unquestionably dominated all crude social norms of behaviour, which were more pronounced in rural than in urban areas, and with that they defied the conservative upbringing which was adversely directed towards any form of sexuality which was seen as immoral and demonic activity.

In certain ways the archaic procedures of intimate touching of the male organ with the elements of nature, primarily dirt, trees and seeds, is the primordial connecting of man with that thing which is inborn ever since creation. I am of the opinion that the entire living world recognises itself and communicates through fertility and everything else which it represents in the deeper sense. Fertility rituals are not only important for the maintenance of fertility but also for the wellbeing of the body. It is noticeable in those ritual actions in which the man is talking to his penis, where genuine concern is expressed about that body part, its vitality. Of course, the benefits of such activity are manifold, and among the most important are that the men of that age got to know and develop their sexuality and strengthened his belonging to the community.