Jul 11, 2012

Srebrenica genocide Jul 11.

Bosniaks as a people traversed the bloody path of distress, concentration camps, shelling, hunger, they died from bullets, grenades, torture, blows, rapes, they were thrown in fires, drowned in rivers, buried alive. Srebrenica represents only the pinnacle of that path paved with blood and suffering. Srebrenica is the horrifying truth for the entire world to see. Srebrenica continued the tragic story of Nazi concentration camps where the helpless gaze of the victims testifies about the brutality that is done by the monsters and psychopaths. Srebrenica represents all nightmares about people without a soul and heart, about the dratted people that kill and torture innocent people out of sheer pleasure. Whosoever forgets Srebrenica will become a victim of the same hangmen.

Every year on July 11th, Srebrenica receives new victims of the 1995 genocide. Every year more painful cries are heard by the mothers who lost their children, bloody memories are evoked...The graves keep piling up, they keep multiplying in unrevised rows. They killed them for the simple fact that they weren't Serbs. They killed boys, men, women, old people. Without mercy, just because they weren't Serbs. Just because they weren't members of the superior race, sounds familiar?
Did you know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only country in the world that has two names?! The reason for it is to stop its national unity in every possible way. While it was a part of Yugoslavia, which was a communist and therefore atheistic country, there were the Muslims as a nation in BIH?! Even though we all know that religious affiliation cannot be regarded as an affiliation towards nationality, that exact thing happened to the Bosniaks in the hegemonic Yugoslavia in which the Serbs did their best do degrade Bosnia and the Bosnian people. At one time they called the Bosniaks "Muslim Serbs"???? We will understand this attitude if we comprehend the fact that Serbia had territorial ambitions for the neighbouring countries, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina. The attempt of the Bosnians to assimilate failed despite the fact that they were forbidden to proclaim their nationality, this ended in the biggest war crime since WWII. Bosnia happened, Srebrenica happened!
With the attack on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia started to openly implement its plan to annex the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this was also evident when the Serbian politicians called it "The Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina" during the start of the aggression in 1992. Even though the plan failed despite the horrible suffering of the Bosnian people, mass raping of children and genocide, the dream of Great Serbia hasn't been completely destroyed, it has been reshaped into something that the Dayton agreement calls "Republika Srpska" or "Republic of Serbia". This genocidal creation which represents a brake for any advancement of the modern Bosnia and Herzegovina towards the EU or NATO is one of the biggest world political mistakes of the 20th century. A catastrophic mistake which the European leaders will have to correct if they want to have a stabile region.
During the 90's of the last decade, Europe showed is powerlessness in the face of the Serbian Nazism as it did in the face of the German Nazism during WWII. The result of such passive attitude was the creation of new concentration camps in which the Serbian Nazis undertook ethnic cleansing and genocide over the Bosnian people. Europe got a new Auschwitz-Birkenau in Srebrenica, Višegrad, Foča, Sarajevo...During the period of 1992 to 1995 the Bosnians survived an attempt of total obliteration that the war criminal Radovan Karadžić announced at the beginning of the aggression with the words: "one nation in Bosnia will completely disappear!".  
An attempt of the European political elite to calm their consciousness in front of the whole world is their attempt to call the aggression of Serbia and Montenegro on Bosnia a civil war in Bosnia?! However the real truth is that there was never a civil war in Bosnia, a well planned out aggression by Serbia and Montenegro through the army force JNA took place. That army changed its name during the beginning of the war and it became the army of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina to conceal itself and under the pretence of protecting the Serbian people from the unarmed Bosnian people it committed such horrific crimes that were last seen in the Nazi camps.

Genocide against Bosniaks in Visegrad 1992-95