Jul 27, 2012

Fortune telling with 41 grain of beans


In Bosnian way of bean grains fortune telling particular attention is committed to the interpretation of each grain positioning. Direction in which the grain is directed, its horizontal or vertical position, whether one grain is attached to another, or tree or more, is very important data in the process. An example concerning one love couple follows:

1.      Woman is burdened with love relationship and displays serious insecurity. She easily gets angry with the man and then she terminates communication with him.
2.      Man and woman are together.
3.      Man has got similar temper as woman he gets angry easily and than he does not communicate to her.
4.      Woman loves man
5.      Regardless certain problems in character and communication themselves, as a couple, go along fine.
6.      Man is quite introverted; he does not display enough emotions or affection.
7.      Woman is indecisive; she often does not know what to do to improve their relationship.
8.      Communication seems to be a great problem. They both communicate more with others than with each-other.
9.      Man is more oriented towards carrier, income, money.

If this combination of grains appeared in the first cast of beans than analyse is interpreted in the past tense. This, in fact, interprets the relationship of partners in the past. However, if it appears in the second cast than it represents their present, while in the third cast has negative connotation and may indicate problematic love relation.