Apr 7, 2012

The Godfather (šišani kum)

If the infant gets ill, they will take him, on a »young Sunday«, ie the first Sunday in the lunar month, to a crossroads before sunrise. They will address the person who happens to come first to that crossroads by the following words: »Euzubillahi mineš šejtanir radžim. Bismillahir rahmanir rahim“«. And the chance passer-by will cut the ill infant's hair, ie make a sing of cross cutting his hairs with the scissors. It is considered a great sin to refuse to cut the hair of an ill infant. The person who has performed this »haircut« is called the »šišani kum«, ie a god- father through hair-cutting, and this is observed and respected; the »šišani kum « «, like any god-father, is considered a relative. The infant's mother immediately gives a present to the god-father through hair-cutting, and he gives a present in return on the first occasion. In case of a serious disease of an infant, a ritual sale of the infant is arranged.

If the child does not start speaking on time, also -magic actions are performed: the infant is carried in one hand and a cock in the other three times round the house and while doing so the following ritual words are pronounced: „Cock, do crow; the mute one, do speak up!“ Or a small bread is kneaded with the handle of the coffee grinder and is given to the child to eat it up.