Apr 7, 2012

Bosnian beliefs

It is believed that the willow is a cursed tree, that it bears no fruit, and that the hazel tree is a blessed tree, because it is the first food to animals in spring-time. It is believed that it is not good to get asleep under a walnut tree, and that it is not advisable to plant a walnut tree in the vicinity of the house, because the members of the household will die when the walnut tree root hairs reach the house.
It is believed that all the sins can be pardoned by grafting fruit-trees. „A hajduk walks through the forest in spring-time grafting fruit-trees to earn a place for his soul“.
The belief in the healing properties of some sources is is particularly linked to the source at »Teveric«, a locality between the villages of Brodac, Dazdarevo and Ostojicevo. Since times immemorial mothers have been bathing their children in that source. They throw money into the source and leave the shirts of the ill children on the trees round it.

 It is believed that each house has its own snake protector which must not be killed. In order to avoid this sin, they drive the snakes from the vicinity of the house by burning old rags.