Sep 14, 2017

Lead as a cure

Demon gathering or faery ones from the old days were known as energy whirlwinds full of negative energy which if it comes into contact with the human body can cause a host of physical and mental issues. People believe that spiritual beings, if they’re disturbed in any way, can “pierce” with their gaze human aura and harm it. Encounter with demons and faeries is called ograma and is considered to be another type of supernatural danger which can cause among humans symptoms similar to spellbound eyes, among which constant headache was especially pronounced followed by weakness of the body. If consequences of such an encounter would be cured by an Imam then he would write three amulets; first talisman would be submerged into a bottle of water, which the diseased person would drink, the second into a bucket with bathing water. Third inscription in the form of an amulet the diseased carries with him, usually around the neck underneath the clothes. Help was also sought from stravarka which performed a lead melting ritual, and while it is being molten in a spoon on a fire, with a low voice she utters:

Nine faeries flew,
from nine clouds,
from nine mountains,
from nine forests,
from nine seas,
from nine meadows,
from nine crossroads,
from nine streams,
from nine rocks,
from nine rue plants,
they sang along the way,
danced in circles,
their path crossed by N. (name sickness person),
he angered the faeries.
They hit him with their arrows in the head,
in the heart, in the legs,
they floored him completely,
N. got sick.
N. yelled: “Help me Mujo, help me Halil,
I’m shot by faeries!”
When the faeries heard this,
each of them took out their arrow out of fear, N. was cured.
Out of nine faeries and arrows,
with my formula and god’s will,
only eight remained on N.,
out of eight only seven remained,
out of seven only six remained,
out of six only five remained,
out of five only four remained,
out of four only three remained,
out of three only two remained,
out of two only one remained,
out of one none remained.
By my hand,
formula and lead – good deed,
and from god salvation,
peace and cure, amen!

In rural areas lead melting ritual above a handkerchief was often practiced. If a woman would often have headaches she would send to by her child a handkerchief to a local stravarka so that she can melt lead above it. Stravarka would fold the scarf so that it gets a form of a triangle and she would place a vessel with water on it. While melting lead she would move the vessel each time down the handkerchief taking care that the last, third time, is placed on the end itself. The woman would carry the scarf on her head for three days at least, until her headache subsides.

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