Feb 6, 2017

Neutralising negative energy - melting of lead

Though I explained in the beginning of the text the side effects of working with love magic, we should note that Bosnian stravarke or stravaruĊĦe warn that a clear indicator of a magical attack is when someone dreams that he is being attacked by one or more horses, or another type of animal, which is according to them more than clear sign that the negative energy started to directly influence the psyche of the person.

Magical cleansing is usually performed over the clothes which you carried during a ritual. It is believed that the ritual with the lead not only cleanses the person and the surrounding with its prophylactic characteristics, but also blocks all negative agents which could harm the person in the future. Though the ritual of elimination of evil can be practiced during any time of the day, from dusk till dawn, though individual days in the week have their advantages: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, around noon, when the sun is in the zenith "when it calms down". If the ritual is performed on Tuesday then it is recommended that it should be done the following two Tuesdays or it can be combined, two Tuesdays and one Friday or similarly.

In order to release the accumulated magical energy, especially if you frequently perform rituals, then it would be preferable to practice the ritual of cleansing at least once a month. At the same time you will neutralise symptoms from yourself such as stress which will be reflected in better sleep, mental calmness, etc.

For proper performance of the ritual you will need the following props:

a piece of lead,
vessel with spring water,
metal spoon,
red rag,
three matches.

Use one piece of lead, of such a size that it can fit inside a metal spoon. The lead needs to be clean, washed in water and dried. Holding the lead in the right hand utter a prayer from your religion, such as Our father or Ya-sin. With that you infuse metal with the positive energy which will be free and channelled properly during the process of melting and becoming hard again. At the end of the prayer, blow vigorously in the direction of the lead.
Once you have done this, circle the lead three times around your head with your right hand, clockwise, starting always in such a manner to touch the part of the forehead between the eyebrows which, in Bosnian witchcraft, is called "star" or "house of the star". This ancient Illyrian belief about the connection of stars in the sky and the humans on earth is deeply rooted in beliefs of Bosnian magic and that's why they represent one of its main principles. With that we are certainly a step closer to unravelling the secret of where the ritual of melting lead comes from which our Illyrian forefathers respected, attributing magical powers of healing and influencing human destinies to it.

The next important prop is water. Spring water has special powers of mother earth and that's why it is most often used in rituals. Spring water is best taken immediately after sunrise or in the evening, after sunset, since its healing properties are greatest then.
You should perform the ceremony facing the door of the room, in order to allude ritually that the negative energy is leaving your home. Spread the red rag on the table first and on it a piece of clothing you wore during a magical ritual, usually your sweater. On the part of the sweater where your heart is when you put it on, place the vessel with spring water. Place the lead into the metal spoon and start melting it on the fire.
Utter this magic formula above the vessel with water:

I salute you good ghosts,
I salute you water, general,
you have great power to take down trees, rocks and mountains
and wash from them (remove) spellbound eyes and magic -
help and remove all evil from me.
Everything that came from the Jinn and the devil
let it go to the high mountain tops,
there were the rooster doesn't sing,
where the cow sounds,
where the ox cannot be heard,
where the bread is not baked,
there all evil should remain!

While you are uttering this formula move the vessel with your right hand in a circle, clockwise. With this ritual gesture one imitates the sun's movement and alludes to its victorious power over evil and darkness.

Pour the molten lead into the vessel with the spring water but in such a manner as to circle it three times, clockwise, the spoon around the edge of the vessel and then pour the lead in the middle. When touching cold water the molten lead can produce a strong sound and every time it will form one or more shapes which reveal in which amount the negative energy influenced you.

By analysing the formed shapes of lead we can come to some very interesting information about how and in what way the negative (magical) energy has influenced the person but for a detailed insight into these lead forms requires a special chapter and this time I will focus on the most important symbol of neutralising and that is the so called heart (see picture).

Sometimes it can happen that during all three processes of pouring lead the symbol of the heart is present but more often it happens once or twice. If at the bottom of the vessel you don't find the symbol of the heart during all three pouring processes, then you are a victim of a stronger magical attack or activity. But no matter you should not worry yourself because after you consume the water in which the lead was poured , your body (aura) will be cleansed and the symbol of the heart will appear, at least once, in a new ritual. Bosnian stravarke recommend to pour some water into the shampoo in order to cleanse your body from the negative energy during every shower and your organism by drinking it.

After you have poured the lead into the water you will pick it up and return it into the spoon and melt it on the fire again. During that time you will lower the vessel with water down the sweater to the part of the stomach and repeat the magical formula above the water. You will repeat the same process the third time while moving the vessel to the edge of the sweater.

After the last pouring of the lead the ritual is ended using three matches. One by one the matches are lit above the vessel with the water, while the text of the formula is repeated, and the matches are carefully carried in circle around the edge of the vessel and then they are extinguished in the water.

I don't light the matches
I'm burning from myself
all spellbound eyes, hostile activity, magical attacks.
Whatever is directed at me, addressed, framed and manufactured
let it fall off of me and disappear!
With god's help and my formula veledalin amin!

As you can conclude from the text of the formula itself this activity serves to cleanse with the element of fire which has the power to scare but also burn accumulated evil energy. Pour the water from the vessel into an empty bottle and the rest of the lead and matches scoop and throw down a river. You will consume the water the following few days, it is recommended three, five, seven or nine days, in the morning after you wake up and in the evening before sleep.