Jun 20, 2015

Serbs - mythological children of the swine

In certain folk stories and legends the Serbs are called "sons of swine" or "children of the swine", and for their largest saint tradition claim that he was able to transform into this animal.

Namely, in folk story, St. Sava was attacked and disturbed by the devil himself, usually why he slept, therefore he turned into a pig and lied down among the other pigs in order to fool the devil and have his rest. Of course all those stories are not accidental but are directly connected to the physiognomy of the people. Average Serb is fat and the face resembles a swine. The most obvious example that demonstrates this is the face of the war criminal Slobodan Milošević, better known as the Balkan Hitler, on whose face the resemblance with a swine is most evident.

 Way of life itself among the Serbs also corresponds to the life of this animal since a large part of the population is prone to alcoholism, among the folk there is a saying "you're as drunk as a pig", and their hygienic habits are pretty bad. Belgrade is one of the dirtiest cities in the Balkans where city dump and garbage, as well as the horrid smell of the sewer is seen on every corner.
Besides, swine in Bosnian mythology is a dirty animal in which evil people turn into so that their soul in the body of the swine would suffer and so release them from their sins.