Jan 16, 2015

Love formula for arrival

In the past when a Bosnian girl wanted to make a young man visit her using a spell, she would get into bed and repeat the following formula seven times:

I laid on seven mattresses,
onto seven sheets,
onto seven pillows
and my dear N (name) onto seven knives,
onto seven swords
and onto seven rifles - may he not be able to live,
may he not be able to breathe,
may the sun not shine on him,
until he sees me,
kisses me and comes to me!

If the formula is uttered with a lot of passion and belief, it can have a fascinating effect, namely, according to folk tales, the young man that the girl mentioned in her formula will be struck by a mysterious longing and desire to see the girl and he will immediately go to see her. If on the other hand he tries to resist the urge he will be drenched in sweat and red dots will appear on his skin.
In order to prevent the girl from casting such spells the boy has to go to her house in secret and urinate on the door hinges with which he will neutralise all her future attempts of influencing him with love magic.