Nov 24, 2014

Fifty Manichean fallacies in Bosnia according to Torquemada

Theological structure of Bosnian heresy according to inquisitor Torquemada:
Cardinal Juan Torquemada, uncle of the infamous Spanish grand inquisitor Tomas Torquemada, in 1461 compiled a list "fifty Manichean fallacies in Bosnia". Namely, that year three Bosnian nobles were brought in chains to Rome ("three champions of heresy, influential in the king's court"). Cardinal Torquemada questioned them and studied their religion for a whole year and found 50 fallacies. He had Croatian priests at his side, and especially Luka de Talentis, archdeacon from Korčula, who was at the time serving among the pope's curia. In the end he interpreted to the three Bogomil's the list of cardinal Torquemada and based on that list on May 14th 1461 they renounced all 50 "Manichean fallacies" and promised that they will try to persuade their countrymen to change their opinion and renounce them as well. After the ceremonial renunciation the three Bosnian Christians returned to Bosnia. The two of them kept their promises, and one of them reclaimed and escaped into the parts where Stepan Kosača ruled "his friend in unbelief".
Fifty Manichean fallacies in Bosnia according to Torquemada:
1. There are two gods, one of which they call supreme good, and the other supreme evil.
2. There are two principles. The first they call god of light and the other god of darkness.

3. Some angels have an evil nature and they couldn't stop sinning.
4. Lucifer ascended into the sky and fought god and he brought many angels from there.
5. Human souls are demon's trapped inside bodies.
6. Evil angels, trapped in bodies, will return into heaven with the help of baptism, cleansing and repentance.
7. They condemn and reject the Old Testament. They say it stems from the god of darkness.
8. For the angel that spoke to Moses on the hill Sinai, they claim he was evil.
9. They accept the New Testament only partially. They deny that Jesus was born by a woman and they don't accept his genealogy.
10. They renounce the patriarchs and prophets of the Old Testament.
11. They condemn the blessed John the Baptist and claim that there is no greater devil in hell than him.
12. The tree of knowledge (of good and evil) was a woman, and Adam sinned for having sex with her and that's why he was cast out of heaven.
13. Blessed Marry was not a woman nor female being but an angel.
14. Son of god took a pseudo-body and not a real one.
15. Christ didn't truly suffer nor died, nor did he go to heaven or hell, but all that he did was illusory.
16. They believe that their church was God's.
17. They are successors of the apostles, and their heresy is the bishop of the church and the deputy and successor of Peter.
18. The Roman church was condemned and cast out.
19. Everyone is a pope, from Saint Peter to Saint Sylvester, whether their religion or not, and saint Sylvester was the first one who went rogue.
20. They condemn brick churches and called them synagogues, and for those that pray inside them, they say they are performing idolatry.
21. Use of pictures inside churches is idolatry.
22. Sign of the cross is the devil's symbol.
23. They despise the service of the lord, laude and hymns, they say it's all contrary to Christ's gospel and his teachings.
24. They make fun of and condemn worship of holly relics.
25. All reverence of saints which is done in churches is condemned and made fun of and they say one should only pray to god and worship him.
26. Their elders allow the people to pray to them, saying that they are without sin and that they carry the holy ghost in them (Parakletos).
27. They condemn church sacraments.
28. They renounce baptism which is done in the water and they say that it is John's baptism and that it cannot save anyone.
29. They claim that's Christ's baptism is done without water, by placing a book of the gospel on the chest and imposition of hands.
30. With their baptism everyone achieves forgiveness of sins and becomes as holly as Peter himself.
31. A child cannot be saved before it reaches the age of reason.
32. Full worth and power of baptism comes to the baptised from merit of the baptist.
33. The number of times the baptist sins, that's how many souls, though they be in heaven, will fall into hell.
34. The number of times the baptist sins, that's the number of baptisms those that he baptised will need.
35. They renounce the sacrament of confirmation.
36. They say that the Christ's body cannot turn into bread, and if it is turned, we cannot eat it.
37. They renounce the sacrament of penance, they say that sins are forgiven by their repeat baptism.
38. They renounce the sacrament of the last ointment.
39. They renounce the sacrament of the (holy) order.
40. Bodily marriage is adultery.
41. Every sin is a death sin.
42. Renouncing every church authority, they say that no one must be excommunicated.
43. They renounce enjoyment of meet, they say that no one who eats meet or cheese or dairy products can be saved if they are not baptised again.
44. They deny resurrection and say that the body that dies now will never resurrect but the spirit will.
45. They claim that there is no purgatory. They say that there is no middle way between heaven and hell. 46. They renounce prayers which are used for the deceased inside the church.
47. It's a death sin to kill animals or birds, also to smash eggs.
48. They condemn blood justice which is done by worldly leaders.
49. They condemn all oaths.
50. They forbid giving charity, they reject and rebuff acts of mercy.