Mar 25, 2013

How to make Bosnian coffee?

Take some good coffee (Doncafe, the red packet
being my preferred version, I am far too much of a wuss to go for the super
strong green packet) and a Bosnian coffee maker thing that has a name but it
escapes me right now.

one tablespoon per person into the coffee maker thing

Heat up
the coffee a little. When you can smell it add some boiling water

Wait a while, but
pay attention. The coffee will soon start to bubble up. If you aren't paying
attention it will go all over the hobs.

Take off the heat
and add just a tiny bit more water

This will lead to a
creamy sort of froth that looks as if you have added milk.

Let stand for a
little while. Then pour into a cup


If you are Bosnian you will have already added a fair amount of sugar at the
beginning of the process with the coffee. You can now also dip a sugar cube into
the coffee as well, or even a Bosnian Delight (same as a Turkish Delight).