Dec 24, 2012

Love charm

Love magic in Bosnia is divided into two types - maiden magic and marital magic. Even though Islam strictly forbids magical practice and condemns it, but love magic is more tolerated among the folk. Namely, any love magic which can lead to marriage or to help maintain a marriage, to avoid divorce, is not only acceptable but also desirable. For that reason in Bosnia, otherwise a very conservative country, there is no public scrutiny towards the practice of such a magic.

When the man is frequently absent from the house and neglects his family then the woman uses magic in order to get him back. For that purpose she finds a white chicken, cuts her head off and then places the chicken's head on the right side of the door and the tail end on the left side. When the husband passes through such a door, she connects the two parts i.e. she pushes the beak into the tail end and utters: "As this beak stays in this tail end, so will you N. always stay with me, veledalin amin!" After that, the connected beak and tail end is buried in the yard under a small, fertile tree, such as an apple or pear.