Nov 25, 2012

Bosnian cuisine in past

Hearth cooking. The round, metal object to the left is a sač used for baking on the hearth. Planinica, Bosnia, 1968.

Making trahana, a granular pasta eaten in soups. A specialty of Bosniaks in Bosnia (though Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Serbs will sometimes obtain some from them) and perceived as an ethnic marker. This is further demonstrated by the proverbs – „trahana, glavna hrana za godinu dana!“ (trahana, the major food for the year!) and "trahana, bošnjačka hrana!" ("trahana, Bosniaks food!") Planinica, Bosnia, 1968.
At the ritual supper following a hay-cutting be presented by the host to all his workers. Planinica, Bosnia, 1968.
Making pita, filo dough filled with meat, potatoes, apples, greens, cheese, squash, or whatever. Gornji Vakuf, Bosnia, 1968.