Aug 24, 2016

How to defend yourself from black magic

Bosnian stravarke (folk doctors) claim that there is no object or thing in this world that cannot be used for magic or spells. Not even the sacred books, religious paraphernalia or holy water are spared from that. Of course, despite this fact it is also necessary to note that only a small number of people are able to successfully perform magic and cast spells. Such persons, first of all, have to be mentally strong and able to maintain communication with the spirit world. Without these two conditions magic is not feasible.

Witch props are usually those items that are in daily use such as bread, water, coffee, sugar, scissors, needle, matches, thread, wool, etc. Often at first glance quite harmless little things outside the front door or below the threshold, pillows or toilet, that you would not even pay attention to, are actually charged magic props that emit negative energy.

Magic for home

Although I am not a supporter of the idea that the effect of magic is reflected in everything, nor that every even remotely suspicious object should be declared as an evil spell, it is my opinion that one should be careful about everything that is, especially in the morning, found at the entrance door or under the mat.

Since ancient times it is known that the entrance to the house is a particularly sensitive place for picking up any kind of magic, and therefore if you find the remains of the earth, blood, water, cat's or dog hairs, colored thread, etc., do not ignore them and consider them as a harmless coincidence or wind’s play.

It is very important to note that any such object found at the entrance door should not, under any circumstances, be brought into the house, nor touched with a hand. It is enough to sweep it with a broom on dustpan than throw it into dumpster. After that, the threshold and doorposts should be sprayed with wine vinegar, in order to fully neutralize any negative impact.

Magic charms are often brought into the house with the clear intention to attract evil spirits into that home and to fill it with negative energy. Continuous restlessness, sudden deterioration of household appliances, groundless arguments, frequent headaches or, most often, the feeling that you are everywhere more comfortable than at home, is a clear indication of the influence of supernatural forces. The best places to place magic spells are toilet or the bedroom where the victim of magic sleeps. Especially dangerous are those spells that are sewn into the pillow, as they directly affect the human psyche.

The best way to eliminate all of those spells that are found in the home, in the opinion of Bosnian stravarke, is this - all magic charms should be picked up and taken to a three-border point. That is the place where the three plots of land meet, and in its center one should dig a hole, put the magic charms in it and then cover them with soil.

According to stravarke, after that the person who made magic (witch) is completely blocked and can no longer do magic against you. Of course, after that it is very good to "clean" the house with exorcism water or by burning some proven incense, so that peace and prosperity can return to it.

The fire and water met

If you do not know where to turn for help, after you eliminated suspicious objects from the house, use this ritual. Go to a water spring and throw firstly three pieces of bread and a bit of salt in it, saying:

Holy water, great mother,
I present you with bread and salt
and you please give me what
I ask of you - home peace and prosperity!

 Then scoop some water and take it home. Throw nine live coals in it or burning matches and every time, while doing so, repeat:

The fire and water met
Enemy’s hands decayed!

This is, otherwise, a verse from a long exorcism spell pronounced by stravarke while forcing evil away, but it is enough for above described ritual. As soon as you remove the coals or matches from the water, use the water to spray the walls of the whole apartment or house.

Another useful advice on how to protect your home from magic and spirits, and somehow make it hard for their invasion, is not to allow the moonlight to "enter" into the house. In the nights of the full moon draw the opaque curtain over the window, drop the blinds or shutters. Moonlight is the strongest carrier of the magical forces and spirits use it many times to enter into the house and with them enters the magic. That is why it is typical for sensible persons to suffer from restlessness, insomnia or nightmares.

Demonic possession through dolls from grave

According to my opinion, but also by experience, the most serious forms of magic are those made with fresh soil from graves. In my research I found some interesting stories told by some stravarke, who revealed intriguing details about the rituals of black magic among the Bosnian people. Sihirbaza (witch) wanting to hurt her enemy is waiting for someone from neighborhood to die and on the same night, after the burial, goes to that grave completely naked and straddles it like a horse.

After some time that she spent muttering mysterious words, she stand up, grab the soil from the grave, as much as it is enough to make a miniature clay doll. In that soil she than put some characteristic sign of the person against whom she is preparing the spell, such as the footprint, the thread from clothes or something else. After that she is splashing the soil  with cow’s urine and blood of a black hen, and mixing it with the soil, spitting on it three times saying:

Such will you NN also vomit and urinate blood, every day until he die!

After she formed a human figure from the soil she takes it and buries it under a dry stump or under an old tree that slowly dries. According to the testimony of stravarka, the person who is a target of such a magic spell gets ill in a very short period and dies unless he gets help.

Studying described ritual I found out that it is based on the obsessions, i.e. that sihirbaza tries to connect the spirit of a deceased person with the victim of magic by the soil as medium, so that the spirit would possess the victim and cause the illness, madness or even death. Of course, goes without saying that these and similar rituals are extremely dangerous because they are based on control of the spirit of the dead person.

Also, sitting or lying on the grave is characteristic ritual gesture of Arabic magic. Namely, the witches are most inclined to visit the graves of people who, during their lifetime, held a prominent position or post, such as a judge, because of the belief that extremely strong jinn like to visit such graves. Sitting naked on the grave the witch allows the demons of the grave to possess her, and in return some of her wishes shall be fulfilled, especially these related to black magic.