Aug 22, 2016

Curing and living with the energy that surrounds us

From its inception until today, man is advancing in all fields and that advancement is in full swing. An exception is made on the plane of the paranormal, i.e. beyond sensory perception, in which man is constantly regressing. Today this ability is possessed only by rare individuals, which can receive some information which didn’t come through one of their five senses. Gradually man lost touch with nature, almost by the same tempo by which he obtained new abilities and skills. Each step in advancement meant giving up one part of the connection with nature and its gradual quenching.

While man was in contact with nature, his soul and consciousness were open towards spiritual energies. During the period when naked and barefoot he wandered nature in search of food, information from higher dimensions were food was located were valuable to him, as well as information about shelter or danger. With the advancement of civilization, he neglected more and more the directions for a harmonized life which came to him from higher dimensions. In such a manner, man became insensitive to very subtle information, which she still receives through his aura, but which he no longer registers, with the exception of rare individuals.

Long time ago in prehistory humans possessed an ability of healing with their hands i.e. fingers and palms. They would hold their hand on the aching spot with the desire to help themselves and so they eased the pain, healed wounds and diseased. We need to emphasise, diseases in prehistoric men were rare. They were usually virus and bacterial infections or bodily injuries, as today in animals. Women gave birth easily, and when someone would get sick, he knew the cause of his disease. Since, man at the time, just like animals lived in harmony with nature. Though with the slow advent of medicine the ancient wisdom of healing was suppressed, it never completely disappeared and people never stopped practicing it. A good part of that knowledge is described by Hindu teaching about Mudra (mudra – in Sanskrit it literally translates as gift of happiness), but similar methods can be found in Buddhism and countries with a rich cultural tradition such as Japan, China, Tibet, Malaysia and Indonesia, in Egyptian culture but also in Bosnia.

Namely in Bosnian occult tradition it is claimed that there are two cardinal spots on every human being which represent a kind of portals through which energy flows and through which every human is connected to the spiritual world. We’re talking about the forehead, actually the middle of the forehead, and the belly button. Ever since our Illyrian forefathers there is a belief that every man in the depths of space possesses his own star i.e. habitat of the soul, to which he is connected through his forehead. While the forehead is connected to the spiritual world, the belly button connects us to the material world, since our inception in the mother’s womb, and has therefore an exceptional influence on our destiny. But, similarly as man is receiving and sending energy from himself, in whose transmission the hands have the largest role to play.