Jul 3, 2017

Islam – the greatest phenomenon of our age

In the 21st century Islam became much more than the largest monotheistic religion, right behind Christianity, and we certainly must regard it as a phenomenon in numerous segments. Plan which was made in the west that has a goal to misrepresent and misuse this religion and bring it in line with terrorism, in order to find a good enough reason to rob and exploit oil and gas, as well as other natural resources of individual Islamic countries, achieved a collapse and actually produced a completely opposite, unexpected effect. Coming into focus of the entire world, Islam became well-known and studied that stats record larger percentages of converts from other religions to Islam each year. Christianity which literally swallowed Judaism, though the Jews don’t accept Christianity nor Islam, moreover they despise them; they have seen from the beginning the greatest enemy, whose people possess the most important natural resources, and as such they threaten the two main principles of western civilization – hegemony and desire to dominate, which carefully has woven them in their twisted interpretation of Christianity, completely identical to the way Saudi Arabia is representing Islam today.

But, something in that skilfully crafted plan of Anglo-Saxon political elite got out of control and despite their aggressive effort and propaganda of all western media it produced a completely opposite effect. Namely, like never before in history books about Islam started to spring overnight, encyclopaedias, documentary films and movies are being made, famous newspapers started writing about Islam. Also, the internet is full of content about Islam and despite the negative propaganda of the western media, under the direct control of the American government, suddenly is became magnetically attractive to the entire world and it awakened an unforgettable interest like no religion before in the history of mankind.

Genocide over Muslims

Though Arabian and Persian people were faced with western hegemony and robbery since the colonial times, overture into new suffering and destruction by the West began on September 11th 2001 when the Saudi terrorists attacked USA, under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden, direct descendant of the Saudi monarchy, they performed a larger play than the one about the landing of American astronauts on the moon, which had a goal to open the doors to robbery of natural goods of the Middle East and genocide over Muslims.

To better grasp which key role Saudi Arabia had in all of this you need to know at the beginning that it actually isn’t even a state in the full meaning of that word, actually it is a private property of a self-proclaimed monarchy of the Saudi. Of course, don’t even think that the American government pushed the Saud’s into such a criminal act, actually it found allies in them, which had the same desire to have greater power and dominion over the entire region. From the start of this criminal undertaking the monarchy of the Saud were not even slightly interested in their globally negative effect on Islam and Muslims, but exclusively to spread their power and destroy all those they considered their enemies. That’s why a military aggression on Iraq took place, when the American’s together with the European allies killed over a million of Iraqis and after them Saudi Arabia sent their army – terrorists. Of course, for this crime none of the named will step in front of an international court because what does an Iraqi or Arab life mean to someone from the West?

Saudi monarchy before September 11th got a guarantee from USA that no one will judge them for their crimes, a similar privilege is enjoyed by the Israeli army, and that the Senate, as well as any president, will stop any attempt of placing blame or pointing of fingers towards the real culprit. In all of this the Saudi recognised a perfect opportunity to completely destabilise Iraq, second strongest rival right behind Iran. Americans will be pleased with a military aggression on Afghanistan prior to the attack on Iraq, in order to steal opal from the Afghani mountains together with their European allies and in order to ensure the production of opium. Of course, the greatest wish of the Saudi, which they share with their ally Israel, is a military strike on Iran so that it too can have the same destiny as Iraq, but such a scenario will definitely not take place since the Iranian people are united, but also militarily superior in relation to surrounding countries. This is what brings the Saudi monarchy into hysteria and a great shopping spree for armaments, which they will soon use against their own people.

Wahhabism – terrorism

Saudi monarchy’s desire for hegemony and domination after the American attack on Iraq keeps growing and it is financing the creation of the so called Islamic state which has a goal to destabilize, in the long term, besides Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Besides these ambitions among the Saudi there is a public hatred towards Muslims, while openly calling for killing of the Shiites and Alawites, they’re more discrete when it comes to the Sunni, since they’re afraid of the possible reaction of their neighbours, and they give this task to the terrorists, for which they pay up tens of millions of dollars each month. And that the Saudi are the main donors and commanders of all terrorists in the Middle East, but also in the West, was best confirmed by Putin’s sharp warning to the Saudi that if there is a terrorist attack during the Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Riyadh will be the target for Russian nuclear missiles. And as we know there were no terrorist attacks during the winter Olympics.

Root of the hatred towards the Shiite and Sunni is hidden in Wahhabism, which is a dominant religious dogma in Saudi Arabia i.e. twisted version of Islam and as such is the only religious principle of all terrorists from Al Qaeda to ISI, and all future versions of mercenaries of the Saudi monarchy. But, we shouldn’t ignore the traditional hate that USA has towards Islam which is presented for a long time through an open hostility towards the Islamic republic of Iran; Iran with its name best represents this region. Unlike Saudi Arabia, Islamic republic of Iran is the true representative of all Muslims across the globe and therefore is constantly in the sights of USA and Israel, UK, France, Germany and all those wishing to destroy Iran and with that Islam. While Iran continuously, openly calls for unity of all Muslims across the world and selflessly helps Palestine, Syria and Lebanon so that they can resist the Zionist attacks and hegemony, Saudi Arabia has an ally relationship with USA and Israel, which are as we know, declared enemies and killers of Muslims. According to this we know which side they represent and what their interests are.

Terrorist attacks in the Middle East and West – two different stories

It is interesting that in all western media pays no attention to terrorist attacks across Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and other Islamic countries, where victims number not dozens but hundreds, but as soon as such an attack takes place in the EU or USA then its headline news for days which are used to the max. Identical case is when it comes to killings in Palestine, namely, when the Jews attack the Palestinians and kill hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children, then it represents short news in the western media, which are nowhere close to headline news, but if for example a Jewish child is hurt or a civilian then the media experience a hysteria and show, the ones that possess the most modern weapons, ones which always repress and undertake genocide over the Palestinians, as victims?!