Nov 23, 2016

Love dolls

 When we speak of magical dolls and their usage in spells, the first thing which will associate us with this topic are the planetary popular voodoo dolls which owe their fame to Hollywood. However, such form of occult influence does not have its origins from the voodoo religion, but has its roots in pre-history. The first traces are found in Spain, in the caves of Altamira where one can see paintings of cave men which drew pictures of spiked animals wanting to weaken their strength and speed and also make themselves more capable hunters. The idea to influence something magically over drawings and later dolls is very old and is present in numerous world magical teachings.

It is an open secret that with the help of dolls one can perform rituals of dark and white magic and that with the help of plain plastic dolls one can directly influence spiritual beings such as the Jinn. Namely, individual Bosnian exorcists in extremely dramatic moments of their work apply the method of burning Jinn attackers, if there is no other way to chase him away from the body of the person which it occupied. On that occasion the exorcist takes a plain plastic doll and equates it to the Jinn aggressor, loudly uttering that he is burning the Jinn and not the doll. But, these are extreme moments which are avoided by both the exorcist and the Jinn themselves.

The practice of using dolls for magical purpose is not unknown among the Bosnian witches. It is practiced in those situations when an effect of a spell is absent therefore we can conclude that it is used in desperate circumstances. Magical doll contains a part of the victim i.e. the person the spell is targeted at and in it a part of the victim must be inside, such as hair, nails, pieces of clothing or some dirt that the person stepped on. The doll represents a miniature version of the person on which one wants to influence. The principle is simple; everything has an astral body, fluid energy which doubles the substance with mater and ensures the integrity of the later.

Humans like animals and plants radiate energy and all our steps are unique energy footprints. Through that energy accumulated on individual things such as the clothes we wear or shoes we can be directly influenced. This is a well known fact by individual nations among which photography is unwanted because of the belief that it can trap a part of the human soul.

In folk songs we come across signs of such spells in various verses where the woman tells to her beloved how she took dirt from the place he stepped and buried it under the flower of marigold or under thorn apple in order for him to be sad and to be hysteric when he is not around her.
Today, because of the asphalt and concrete it is hard to get someone's footprint and this type of love spell loses its intensity. However, if you are lucky to get a footprint during a walk through the park or in nature you should use it to make a love doll.

It is even better if you can come across more props such as hair, nails, pubic hair and a piece of clothing of your partner because then besides dirt you will have more props to construct a more original doll.
If you want a doll which will emotionally and sexually bring you and your partner closer together and inhale new passion in the relationship then you should do the following: from a part of your partner's shirt you should stitch a doll, diameter of ten centimetres whose insides you will fill with the dirt taken from the footprint. Using a marker draw a face, eyes, ears, nose and mouth using those colours which correspond to your partner. If he has blue eyes and dark hair then make sure you are using a blue and black marker.

In a similar manner make a doll which will represent you. Since you have done all of the above you are only left with the ritual of connecting the dolls. You will perform it in the following manner. You will squeeze the dolls together, face to face, imitating a couple making love or kissing, then tie the dolls together using a red thread from head to toe effectively creating two dolls in one.
While wrapping the dolls you should utter the following formula:

N.(name of lover) me elif, you elif,
you were muti
whatever I'm doing you are doing
look with my eyes (blowing in dolls three times)
hear with my ears (blowing in dolls three times)
speak with my mouth (blowing in dolls three times)
operate with my hands (blowing in dolls three times)
walk with my feet (blowing in dolls three times)
veledalin amin from God amin.

Those wrapped dolls you will wrap additionally with a piece of cloth from which you collected your partners sperm after intercourse and which you have used to wipe your vagina and you will put the dolls underneath your marital bed, in the middle. From that moment on the dolls will, while you are sleeping, affect your astral bodies with their energy which will reflect in the material creating a larger physical attraction between the two of you. The ritual of doll construction should be done in the night of the full moon.

In individual spells a doll doesn't have that classic human form, instead it is formed in a specific body part which one wants to influence such as the penis, when the witch wants to control sexual power of a male. If the woman is certain that her husband is cheating on her, in an attempt to stop him from doing it, she will bring his underpants to the witch. The witch shapes the underpants in the form of the penis and wraps it with a thread in order to accurately portray the shape but also to fixate it. A doll created in such a manner is a guarantee that the husband will lose potency with other women and will be forced to be an obedient husband due to such a predicament.