Aug 12, 2015

How homosexualism was created in the Balkans

It is known from history that the ancient Greeks were a people which valued bisexuality and anal sex, which was later adopted by the Romans. This resulted in a large number of Greeks enjoying in same sex relationships openly and without prejudice. It is interesting that Herodotus in his public address in the Athenian Agora, where he openly spoke about the hatred towards the Mesopotamia's civilization, skilfully avoided to mention that the Greeks offered their young for sexual services to the Persians" Greek people did not find this act humiliating for their national pride, in fact, they represented it as their civilizations reach?! This trend was taken over by the Romans, and during the time of the Roman Empire there was a rule that every prominent and married Roman which cared about himself and his reputation, had a young lover.
Serbs because of the made up stories and thesis about their national origin, which range from them being direct descendants of Jesus Christ all to the theories of them coming from Atlantis or even space, made them a target of laughter and mockery by the neighbouring countries for decades. But, there are interesting details about this people which they are trying to hide or which they do not want to be presented to the wider public since, allegedly, seriously damages their reputation?! When we take into consideration that they are the people that committed genocide and lead the aggression on four neighbouring countries in the last decade of the twentieth century and performed ethnic cleansing, it is difficult to speak of any sort of reputation. But, lets return to a historical and documented fact which reveals how Serbs, along with the Greek and the Romans, are originators of homosexualism in this part of Europe.
Serbian historian and ethnologist Milenko F. Filipović about the traditional habits of the Serbs towards homosexualism writes the following: "Particular part of male dress among the orthodox members (for the others I couldn't gather information) until about 1800 was "nakurnjak" (loin cloth). There was a custom that the bride among her items brings a loin cloth for the groom. Loin cloths were woven and worn when people went from Visoko to work as hired coachmen. It was worn to protect the scrotum and penis from the cold. If someone would have urine frozen in his penis because he was not wearing a loin cloth, from that accident, which was followed by great pain, one would be saved if someone would suck his penis or in Serbian - "izdoji" ledenicu (suckling icicle). From the book "Life and folk customs in Visočka nahija" page 60.