Jun 22, 2012

Sarajevo Film Festival 2012.

The Festival
The 18th edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival will take place from 6th till 14th July, 2012.

After the 4-year-long siege of Sarajevo, and with an intention to recreate civil society of the City, in 1995, we founded the Sarajevo Film Festival. Today, we are proud to say that Sarajevo Film Festival represents the main meeting place for all regional producers and authors and is recognized by film professionals from all over the world as the pinnacle point for networking for all wishing to learn more about the possibilities this region has to offer.

Festival Programme
The Sarajevo Film Festival present a wide programme selection of both competitive and non-competitive films. Sarajevo Film Festival Competition program is accredited by FIAPF as a Competitive Specialized Festival. 

The main focus is the region of Southeast Europe (Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece. Hungary, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Monte Negro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, UNMI Kosova) and its filmmakers which compete in Feature, Short and Documentary film section. The festival aims to present important and innovative films of high artistic value made throughout the world.

CineLink is is a year-long project development programme resulting in an annual co-production market during the festival dates.

CineLink Market each year presents approximately 10 finest regional projects for feature-length fiction films.

CineLink offers festival guests a special opportunity to meet with the assembled regional industry, with emphasis on young filmmakers, producers and directors presenting their latest projects, productions and works in progress, with highlights of the regional production presented to international distributors, TV-buyers and festival programmers, making CineLink the most important international market place for new features from Southeast Europe. For the past few years CineLink is the most important international film industry market in Southeast Europe.

Sarajevo Talent Campus
In cooperation with the Berlin International Film Festival and Berlinale Talent Campus, since 2007 we organize the Sarajevo Talent Campus. This exciting new educational and creative platform for up and coming young  film professionals became the the most prestigious film training event in the region. Each year we receive more than two hundred applications, and only eighty most talented are privileged to attend a six-day training led by some of the most important film professionals in the world. 

Sarajevo City of Film
For many years, the Sarajevo Film Festival has been developing programme platforms which aim towards providing support and promoting of the new young film scene in the region. It is in this framework that our recent project, Sarajevo City of Film, represents a natural upgrade and linkage between these two fields of activities – the education, i.e. training, and the film industry. Sarajevo City of Film fund has been launched in 2008, with the aim to encourage and motivate the young film directors from the region of South-Eastern Europe to realise joint projects/films, together with their colleagues, the screenwriters, producers, and actors (participants of Sarajevo Talent Campus).

Festival Centre
Festival Centre is situated at Old Officer's Club (Dom Armije), the space that offers unique professional, yet creative and relaxed working atmosphere. All the professional services as well as Festival press office are situated at Festival Centre. 

The Sarajevo Film Festival has thirteen festival programs that are visited by 100.000 people each year. Our public is mainly from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but we also attract large numbers of international film professionals who find Sarajevo Film Festival as a unique point for networking and learning about the possibilities this region has to offer.