Jan 9, 2012


The dead person, who we call evlija, possesses a special power which few possess; he sees and knows what you yourself do not realize. Because this is the way it is, is it not; some have the ability to see more than others.

The dervish orders have their own holy graves, belonging to men of religious learning believed to be evlija because of extraordinary powers to “see” or to perform “miracles” in their lifetimes as well as after. Many of them were sheikhs, leaders of a sufi sanctuary or tekija. In the largest tekija in the mountains not far from Dolina are buried all the sheikhs in the history of the tekija. They are believed to have extraordinary powers, and people will come there to pray for health and good fortune in the same way as they do at sehits`graves. But unlike the sehits`graves, which are accessible to everybody who wants to pray, the sheikhs´ graves can only be entered with special permission from a senior dervish.